While we were on vacation I missed two Saturday classes in a row. In that class we’re doing an eight week drawing, but who knows what week we’re on. And when you don’t know what week you’re on, and you’re sick of looking for the exact right shapes and angles on an ever changing model, I say it’s time to break the rules.

So I started on detail. My teacher was gone, so who knows what he’ll say about it next week when he gets back, but on Saturday I didn’t care. Cause finally getting past the basic shapes of this drawing was a breath of fresh air.

Hopefully he lets me continue next week cause I’m loving it so far.



  1. Janssen says:

    Bah, I prefer you spending your Saturdays with me.

    Come back to me.

  2. Yay i agree with the first lady.. it looks really good.

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