Day Off

Everyone at work, at the bank, at the grocery store, or wherever always ask me what I’m doing over the weekend. As if I have all these grandiose plans for every Saturday. This is a particularly frequent question when there is a 3 day weekend, like this past weekend.

“What are you doing for Labor day?”

If only they knew that my big grandiose plans were to DEEP clean the ENTIRE HOUSE. This was not Philip’s ideal day off, but he jumped right in and we spent 7. HOURS. CLEANING.

[Note: “DEEP clean” entails scrubbing the baseboards, vacuuming the edges and corners of every room, wiping down the walls, moving the furniture and vacuuming underneath, wiping down the window tracks, etc etc — much different than my weekly routine]

The one thing that I do have to say is this: My house looks freaking AWESOME. You’re all invited to come over cause I need to show this place off!!


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