Christmas Gifting

Hello Friends,

My weekend was wonderful. Thank you for asking. It was filled with Christmas shopping and projects which I would share with you, except I’m not about to spoil Christmas surprises! Just know that the sewing machine, the hot glue gun, scissors, glue sticks, colored paper, ribbon, and lots and lots of fabric covered my dining room…and still does.

If only it wasn’t too early for Christmas music, and snow was gently falling outside. Then it would really feel like Christmas.

I love this time of year.

Are you working on any Christmas projects yet?



  1. Packrat says:

    It is never too early for Christmas music. The snow, tho, can stay away from here. 🙂 I have thought of a few things, but that is it.

  2. Camille says:

    Oh Merrick – go ahead and play your Christmas music. I heard it at Kohls the other day and if it's not too early for Kohls, it's not too early for us either! Yay Christmas!

  3. I TOO went Christmas shopping last saturday- I had to take advantage of the RARE opportunity of 1. Ryan being at home 2. the fact that Hailyn ZONKED out and ended up sleeping for four hours so I shopped guilt-free while Ryan studied and 3. AMAZING sales with NO CHRISTMAS crowd- that's right- I declared it my OWN Christmas shopping weekend and I plan on getting the rest done this next weekend (hopefully) I need to buy Christmas wrapping paper- and I may put my tree up the day before thanksgiving- otherwise it won't get done until two days before Christmas- although I always wait til after Thanksgiving to set up the tree- I may break the rule- I'm ultra busy! Oh and yes, I have started Christmas cards already too- it's about being organzied this year- even if it means starting the first weekend in November!

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