My Favorite Shoes for Little Boys Who Play Hard

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I’ve found the most perfect pair of school shoes for boys that are sturdy, comfortable, and easy to slip on. I’ve purchased them year after year, and you need to check them out!


Outfit Details:

Me: Cream Adidas c/o Rack Room Shoes, Thermal Top, Black Leggings, Crossbody Bag
B: Nike Air Max Shoes c/o Rack Room Shoes, Pocket Tee, Chambray Shorts
F: Nike Downshifter Blue Sneaker c/o Rack Room Shoes, Dri Fit Khaki Shorts, Solid Blue Tee
S: Nike Downshifter Blue Sneaker c/o Rack Room Shoes, Similar Stripe Tee, Similar Blue Shorts
Adidas Backpack c/o Rack Room Shoes
Adidas Lunchbox c/o Rack Room Shoes


Is anyone thinking about back to school yet? Today we are.

Here we are, half way through the summer. That means it’s time to start talking about back to school. Ack, too soon??

Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of summer left.

But today we teamed up with Rack Room Shoes to talk about our favorite back to school shoes.


I buy these sneakers every year for my boys for the school year

For the last four or five years, THESE NIKE DOWNSHIFTER SNEAKERS have been my go-to shoes for my boys. Up until this year, I’ve always chosen the ones with velcro strap closure, and it’s the perfect shoe option for kids who can’t tie their shoes yet. Or even if they can, it’s nice to have a pair they can toss on quickly before school.

This year, B chose a pair of NIKE AIR MAX sneakers for school. These don’t have the velcro strap, but the laces are nice and sturdy so they’re easy to tie and won’t get knotted easily.

I always choose THESE SNEAKERS FOR SCHOOL because they’re sturdy, well made, super comfortable, and are easy to wear. They always last the whole school year!

Also I love that this one style of shoe always comes in a ton of different colors because my boys get to choose their color of shoes that reflects their personality!

back to school shoes with rack room shoes
rack room shoes toddler shoes
boys in backpacks and adidas sneakers
our daily routine now that we're back in school
rack room shoes boys


I found the perfect pair of lightweight everyday sneakers

I’ve also been looking for a pair of new sneakers for myself — a pair I can wear for everyday occasionally and also for exercise.

I found these adorable ADIDAS SNEAKERS from Rack Room Shoes, and they’re so perfect. They’re slim and sleek, super comfortable, and have good support for exercising.

If you’re looking for a good, lightweight, comfortable, everyday sneaker, THESE ARE THEM.

I paired them with some black leggings and a thermal for a cute, everyday athleisure look, and I love how they looked. Also it was the most comfortable outfit ever.


Check out Rack Room Shoes for amazing deals on shoes, backpacks, lunchboxes, and more for back to school!

Rack Room Shoes continues to be one of my go-to spots for shoes because I can pick up shoes for the whole family in one place, and they always have amazing deals going on. Plus, they also have BACKPACKS and LUNCHBOXES so you really can grab everything at once!

If you haven’t checked out their site, go check it out RIGHT HERE!



This post is sponsored by Rack Room Shoes
Photos by Aubrey Stock


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