A Review of My Stitch Fix Box after More Than A Year

this leopard tee and cute button up jeans came in my stitchfix box!

If you’re in a closet rut but hate shopping and don’t know where to even start, Stitch Fix is the perfect place! You get a personal stylist and clothes are sent straight to your door. Here’s my review of Stitch Fix after a year of using it!


After more than a year of receiving Stitch Fix boxes, I’m excited to be partnering with them today to talk about how they work and what I love about Stitch Fix.

I’ve been getting tons of questions from you guys about revamping your closet for the new year, and Stitch Fix is the perfect place to start if you want a great closet but don’t even know where to start.


First off, the answers to a couple of common questions:

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is an online styling service where a personal stylist hand picks items of clothing for you.

You start by filling out a style profile, and then you can select to have boxes sent every 2-3 weeks, once a month, every other month, or whatever you personal preference is. You pay $20 for the styling fee, and then your stylist chooses 5 items (tops, dresses, pants, skirts, shoes, accessories, and even bags) to send to you.

Try them on at home, test them out, and decide which items you want to keep, and your $20 styling fee goes toward the purchase of any of those items! You also get 25% off your entire purchase if you decide to keep all five items. Each Fix comes with a free return label and bag so you can easily send back any pieces you don’t want to keep.

a review of my experience with stitchfix after using it for over a year
a review of my stitch fix box after receiving it for a year

Here’s why Stitch Fix so great.

1. You get a personal stylist!

So many of you KNOW that your closet is missing things, but it’s hard to know WHAT you’re missing. Or WHICH pieces to buy that work for you.

Or you just hate shopping but need new things!

Your stylist uses the information in your Stitch Fix profile to choose pieces that are good for your body type, your coloring, your style, and your lifestyle. Mine has even looked through my instagram profile too and included pieces in colors she’s noticed me wearing on repeat — how thoughtful is that?!

Also I love that you can have the same stylist each month so she can learn as she goes. If you get something you dislike, make sure you tell her WHY in the feedback so she can send you things you’ll truly love and wear.


2. They send lots of outfit ideas!

Each of your Fix’s will come with a card inside with outfit ideas for each of the pieces in your box. They’re always creative, but simple outfit ideas that you could totally pull off.

Many of them have multiple pieces from the Fix put together!


3. You can customize it so it’s right for you.

When you’re filling out your profile, tell your stylist EVERYTHING you can. If you hate midi skirts on your body, tell her. If you don’t wear anything off the shoulder, definitely tell her. If you really need some good chic but comfortable jackets for work, freaking tell her.

The more info she has, the better those Fix’s will be.

Also, if you look on Stitch Fix’s Instagram and see something you love, you can request it in your next Fix! Just write it in the notes when you schedule your Fix, and if it’s available in your size they’ll put it in or find something similar!


4. Schedule a Fix for when you need a closet pick me up.

Like I said above, when you’re scheduling your Fix, you can choose to get a new Fix every 2-3 weeks, once a month, every other month, or every few months. I started out getting one every month, which was a fantastic way to build up a good amount of staples. After about six months I switched to every three months, which coincided nicely with the start of different seasons. It’s been perfect for adding a new few pieces as the weather changes.

With the new year starting, this is the perfect time to go in and schedule some Fix’s for the year. It’s basically the best surprise the mailman brings for the season, cause you get new clothes and you didn’t even have to pick them!


5. Stitch Fix is now for MEN and KIDS!!

How cool is that? Stitch Fix is now for men and kids!

If your man desperately needs some new clothes but refuses to go shopping, or you don’t even know where to start, HELLO: Stitch Fix.

Kids too! The send pieces starting at $10, so you won’t be breaking the bank by trying for your kids.

stitch fix details
this cute red jacket came in my stitch fix box - it's so soft and cozy
this leopard tee and cute button up jeans came in my stitchfix box!

How I’ve felt about my Fix’s

After almost a year and a half of using Stitch Fix, I’ve kept dozens of items, both closet staples and unique pieces. I love that my stylist is willing to take risks now and send me pieces that are unexpected and special.

But also they continue to send me great basics, like the button up jeans I’m wearing above.


With a new year starting, do your closet a favor and go fill out a Stitch Fix profile today and try it out! I know you’ll love it.


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  2. Elizabeth Leitzel says:

    How do you feel about the size of cloThes that come in the boX? Do they consis fit you?

    • Merrick says:

      yes, I’ve only had a couple pieces that haven’t fit. If you want to keep those items, you can exchange them for the correct size and they swap it out super quickly!

  3. I will book a swimsuit first and then book a vacation later. Love the one piece design. mOST OF THEM ARE REALLY CUTE!

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