40 Minutes

Over the past few weeks I’ve been considering dropping out of my figure drawing class for various reasons and picking up a different class. One of the reasons I don’t love my figure drawing class is because we draw really quickly in that class — no extended poses. Although it’s good to be able to make quick decisions about a figure, I just don’t feel the need to be able to draw an entire figure perfectly in under 10 minutes. I just don’t.

But last week our teacher let us do a 40-minute pose, which has been unheard of since he joined the school a few months ago. Although 40 minutes is still a fairly short amount of time, it seems like YEARS compared to 10.

When I’m happy in class, I tend to make pretty good drawings. And last Thursday, I was VERY happy….



  1. Mary says:

    You are very talented! I really like this drawing.
    I was telling Josh that I want him to take me on a date to an art museum. We should invite you and Philip along so that you can explain to us what we're looking at 🙂

  2. Packrat says:

    Very, very good. Ahhh, to be so talented. Oh, as to dropping out of the class – consider it a learning experience. 🙂

  3. Chelsea says:

    Wow! Impressive job girl! You're talent amazes me! About all I'm capable of is a stick figure.

  4. Miriam says:

    Are you saying you drew that in 40 minuts? Wow!

  5. megan says:

    That is nuts. 40 minutes is SO impressive. It is very, very good.

    On on your head drawing… Landon is right: Why are you so cool? You are so talented, Merrick.

  6. haley says:

    Hey Merrick! I don't know if you would remember me or not, but we were in the same student ward in Provo about 2 years ago. Anyway, I am not sure how I happened upon your blog, but you are an amazing artist! I had no idea that you were so talented (and with sewing, too-love the ruffle sweater!). I hope you guys are well!

  7. that is amazing! and I can't even tell you how much we still love the one you did of our kids…everyone who comes to our home comments on how absolutely perfect it is.

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