Hand Held Travel Clothing Steamer

Running iPhone and Key Fanny Pack

Wet and Dry Rechargeable Foot File & Foot Lotion

3 Favorite Recent, Random Purchases from Amazon

this travel size steamer is perfect to keep in your closet or toss in your suitcase

Raise your hand if you love Amazon Prime. I’m an addict, and I love finding good products on there to try out. I love looking at reviews, and with free shipping and free returns, it makes it so easy to send something back if it doesn’t work out.

Today I want to share three of my recent favorite purchases — they’re random things that I wanted, and I’ve ended up loving them.

striped dress and my favorite hand held steamer
love the lace up back of these striped dress
this travel size steamer is perfect to keep in your closet or toss in your suitcase

Hand Held Travel Clothing Steamer

My mom bought me a full size clothing steamer last year for my birthday and I instantly fell in love with steaming instead of ironing. So much more efficient! The large steamer is great for big batches of clothes, but I wanted something small that I could keep in my closet and use in the morning really quickly if something needed a touch up.

I found this hand held steamer on Amazon, and it had amazing reviews and also works for travel (I’m totally bringing it on all our vacations from now on)! It showed up last week and I’ve literally used it every single day since it arrived.

It heats up almost instantly, works so well, and is easy to store on a shelf in my closet for easy access. Also it’s only $25!!


striped dress  // white ruffle top


my secret weapon for soft, smooth feet for summer
this foot file is so perfect for getting your feet ready for summer
no batteries required!

Wet and Dry Rechargeable Foot File & Foot Lotion

I really like getting pedicures, but I rarely go get a professional one because it just feels too time consuming to me. So my feet aren’t always in the greatest of shape, especially my heels cause I wear sandals all the time.

So because my heels were cracking, and I just wasn’t making time for a pedicure, I bought this foot file on Amazon. It comes with a charger so you don’t need batteries, and I love that it’s waterproof so you can bring it in the shower to use when your skin is nice and soft.

I filed down my heels every morning after my shower for a week straight, and I swear my feet are now as soft as my kid’s little baby feet! All my deep-ish cracks are completely gone. I now file them about once a week, just to maintain the smoothness.

And if you want to take it a step farther, get this foot lotion. It’s creamy, rich, and basically seems to have magic healing powers. The two products combined make for an amazing combination that will have your feet ready for summer in no time!

robe available here

this fanny pack for running is perfect for holding keys and a phone
this running fanny pack is perfect for carrying your phone
running fanny pack

Running iPhone and Key Fanny Pack

I’ve been running consistently for almost ten months now, and decided it was finally time to get an official phone holder for while I ran.

I like to keep my phone with me while I run (even though I have an apple watch that I can stream music and podcasts through) in the case of an emergency or to take a picture if I want.

I’ve been keeping it in my running sweatshirt pocket, but it bounces around, and the weather is warming up so I won’t be wearing that sweatshirt for much longer. I needed a better solution.

I looked at a ton of reviews and found this running fanny pack that holds a phone and a key. There are some other packs with larger pockets, even big enough for a water bottle, but I wanted something very lightweight and simple. This was it! And it’s only $10, and comes in a few other colors.

My favorite part is that it’s so thin and flat that it don’t jump or flop around like you’d expect a fanny pack to do while you run. It stays in place perfectly and I don’t even notice it — I typically tuck it under my top layer. It would also be great for the gym.

*Note: My phone is in a Loopy Case — if you haven’t checked out these cases yet, you MUST. They’re amazing for helping you hold on to your phone, and I definitely prefer them over a pop socket. I cannot live without mine anymore! Use code ART10 for 10% off!

Exercise Outfit Details HERE // Earbuds HERE

If you guys have any other good Amazon purchases, I’d love if you’d share! I’ll take any excuse to place another Prime order…


  1. Lauren says:

    I love using a Flipbelt To hold my phone and key while i run, and its even flatter than your pack.

  2. Kristine says:

    i’ve been wanting a poppy and dot robe for over a year now, and i’m so glad you added the link to it..it’s on sale, so i finally ordered one.

    we love amazon prime in our house too! we’ve just started using the subscribe and save feature with things we use on a regular basis, for even more savings!

    • Merrick says:

      awesome! You’ll love it — I love that it’s so long so I don’t feel like I’m going to expose anyone if I’m walking around in it 😉

  3. CaseY o’neill says:

    Hi merrick!! You mentioned in your post that you stream podcasts with your apple watch.. can i ask what app you use and if you mean yoU can leave your phone at home and just take your watch and headphones out to run? Thank you!! Love the iphone holder you posted. So slim:)

  4. Ellen B says:

    Where is your striped dress from?

  5. Ellen B says:

    oops, now I see where you got the dress 🙂

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