10 Things I Do that Help Me Feel Better on Hard Days

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These ten simple happiness hacks are easy to do make me feel so much better on hard days. I did several of these this weekend and by Sunday I was back in the game and ready to tackle a new week.


Last week was a tough week for me. We had so much going on with our house going on the market and all the work that was required for that, our entire family came down with the flu, we got some really hard family news, and we all just kind of maxed out.

Particularly me.

On Friday night, I had reached my limit and I had a breakdown. (I wrote about that HERE).

On Saturday, I was still on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, and I was still sick, and I spent the day feeling up and down and up and down.

Finally I put together this list of things that helps me get through a hard day and have a better day tomorrow. I wanted to share, because after doing several of these things, I woke up on Sunday with a completely fresh outlook and that roller coaster of emotions was much more stable.

So here are 10 things I do when I’m having a down day to help me get through it and have a better day. Pick one or two when you’re having a bad day and see how they lift your spirits!


10 things you can do right now to help you feel better on a bad day


1. Have a good cry and let it all out. There is so much emotional release that comes with a good, hard cry, and I had several of them over Friday and Saturday. I’m sure there are scientific things to back me up here, but don’t hold in that emotion and try to just muscle through. Let your body release that emotion, and then use that energy that comes with the end of a good cry to get up and move forward.

2. Have human interaction. Better yet, have physical human interaction. Hugs, a hand to hold, an arm wrapped around you, a snuggle — that human connection brings support and peace like nothing else. If you’re by yourself, call your mom. If your kids around, grab one of them and read a book with them. Ask your husband for a hug. You don’t need to talk through your bad day at this point if you don’t want to, just find someone to physically connect with to receive some strength and comfort.

3. Put your phone away. The last thing any of us need on days that are hard or bad is social media, and seeing everyone elses’ good days. Stay far away from social media. Just put your phone away. Period, the end.

4. Get outside. Nothing makes me feel more alive and connected with God or the universe or the world than getting outside and focusing on nature. Take a walk and focus on your breathing. Then focus on the trees or the flowers or whatever is around you. It’s amazing how your worries and your frustrations can lessen as you focus on something so much greater than you.

5. Exercise. On one of my instagram posts this week, someone commented that the three things that heal her are salt (tears), sand (nature or the beach). and sweat. I love this. And as someone who lives by the beach, I totally agree with her. And also, as someone who exercises regularly, it’s incredible what a good workout can do for your happiness levels. The endorphins and the sense of accomplishment completely change my day.

6. Take a bath or a shower. When I’m upset I get all tensed up in my shoulders and they become very tight and painful. Taking a bath or a shower helps relieve those muscles so much. Also, when I was a kid and woke up feeling off or sick, my mom always told me to take a shower and get ready because it always helped turn my day around.

7. Get dressed, put on some makeup, and do your hair. Even if you might cry your makeup off later (which I did on Saturday), I got up and got ready on Saturday morning. It made such a difference to feel human. Wallowing in my pajamas with a rats nest on my head was not doing me any favors in lifting my mood.

8. Take a nap. Rather than staying in bed all day, get yourself moving and then plan to take a rest at some point. I’m a big believer in the 20 minute cat nap. Sometimes you need more than 20 minutes. But either way, don’t just lay in bed all day — just take a planned and purposeful nap during your day.

9. Calendar out your week. Sitting down and writing out my plans for the week takes very little effort, but does make me feel productive when I’m having a blah kind of day. Take the time to plan in your exercise, decide on what you’re going to eat for the week, or make a lunch date with a friend. Having things planned, and some things to look forward to always lifts my mood.

10. Clean or organize your space. Cleaning my room or my office or my kitchen is so therapeutic for me on hard days. It brings a really fast sense of accomplishment, and I find I’m so much better at focusing in a clean space. Sometimes it leads to me cleaning out entire closets and drawers, and literally nothing feels better for me than an overhauled room.


If you have other good personal strategies for working through hard days, leave a comment and tell me!


  1. Brandon A says:

    Thank you For this and what great advice! I had a tough week Last week as well and wish i did some of these things. Hope you and the family our feeling better! Also cant wait to see all the exciting stuff to come for you all!

  2. Anna says:

    Your friend in #5 has probably heard the quote “The cure for anything is salt water- sweat, tears, or the sea” -Karen Blixen (author of Out of Africa.) If find it true as well- best is a beach- my happy place! Hope you are feeling better. I had a rough weekend too with sick kiddos but planning my week (activities and dinners) helped a lot. Also started Marie Kondo-ing my closet. We can do this!

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