10 Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

check out these 10 practical but amazing valentine's day gifts!

These 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her are practical but also special and fun. If you need some last minute ideas this Valentine’s Day, this list is for you!

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I only like Valentine’s Day gifts if they’re at least a little bit practical

With Valentine’s Day only a couple of days away, you might be scrambling to think of a gift idea. To be honest, Philip and I rarely exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, because we just had Christmas and I feel like a lot of your typical Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t super practical and can be a bit of a waste of money.

But also exchanging gifts can be special and fun, so I’ve come up with 10 practical Valentine’s Day gift ideas — five for men, and five for women. These are things that are nice and special, but also practical and will be useful beyond the one day holiday.

5 practical valentine’s day gift ideas for him

1. Digital Screen Protector Glasses

Apparently with the amount of time we’re all spending in front of screens, we’re all going to be blind by the time we’re 60. Digital screen protector glasses block the blue light from screens that is damaging your eyes, so grab a pair of these for your man for Valentine’s Day. Plus, who doesn’t love a guy in glasses??

I have THIS UNISEX PAIR and love them, but they have tons more styles RIGHT HERE.


2. Tile Pro for Keys and Phones

If your guy is the kind that loses things all the time, these TILE PRO’s are the best kind of gift. It’s a little tile that attaches to your keyring so you can ring your keys when they’re lost. Or you can press the tile and have it ring your phone if you can’t locate your phone.

This is a 4-pack for under $50 so you can have two for you and two for him — win, win!

Shop these Tile Pro’s RIGHT HERE

3. Bombas Ankle Socks

Ok, here’s the deal. THESE SOCKS are really expensive. But before you dismiss them, let me tell you I got a pack of Bombas Ankle Socks SIX YEARS AGO and they are still in perfect condition. I run in them, I wear them around the house, I’ve washed them a million times, and they’re still like new. They’re supportive, don’t fall down, super comfortable, warm but not too thick, and come in a bunch of styles from no-show to knee-high.

I promise these socks will be a worthwhile investment for your dude.

shop these socks RIGHT HERE!


4. Anker Portable Charger

This is a portable charger that can hold up to seven charges! I bought myself one of these last year and this thing goes everywhere with me to keep my phone charged.

If your guy travels a lot, is at school all day, or just has a phone with bad battery life, this is a perfect practical gift.

This charger comes with a mesh carrying pouch so I just keep an extra phone cord coiled up inside there with the charger so it’s ready to use at any time.

shop this portable charger RIGHT HERE


5. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I got a pair of these WIRELESS BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES almost two years ago and exercise with them everyday. They’re fantastic quality, really comfortable, stay nicely in your ears, and have great sound.

If you’re not quite ready to splurge on the popular APPLE AIRPODS, this is a good alternative for exercising.

shop these headphones right here

5 practical Valentine’s Day gifts for her

1. Scentbird perfume subscription

Scentbird is one of my very favorite subscriptions because it lets you choose a perfume without the fear of buying an entire bottle and then not loving it. It’s $15/month and you get a 30 day sample of the perfume of your choice. They have over 450 perfume choices, so you’ll for sure find one that you love and then you can buy a large bottle!

You can read more about how it works HERE. If you’re giving this as a gift, they have a whole section for that RIGHT HERE.


2. Ugg House Slippers

I was never a slipper person until I tried Ugg slippers. They are life-changing.

I have a pair of SLIDE ON SLIPPERS LIKE THESE, and I love this style because my entire foot isn’t covered so my feet never get too hot. But if you want something with full foot coverage, THESE UGG SLIPPERS have incredible reviews.

shop these slippers RIGHT HERE

3. Eyelash Boost Serum

Right now everyone loves their long, thick eyelashes. But lash extensions are damaging and are pricey!! Give your girl the gift of A LASH BOOSTING SERUM that will strengthen and lengthen her eyelashes with just one swipe every night before bed.

If she has lash extensions right now, she can swipe this on with them to help them grow and strengthen over the next few months and then when she stops her extensions her lashes will be in amazing shape.

shop my favorite eyelash serum RIGHT HERE

4. Loopy phone case

The LOOPY PHONE CASE is actually the best phone case out there. The case itself is sturdy and wraps around your phone for extra protection, but the loop on the back is the very best part. You slide your finger (or fingers) through the loop to prevent dropping your phone.

The loop is rubbery and flexible, so it’s way more comfortable for me to use than a popsocket or other things designed to help hold your phone.

Also, I just discovered you can also use the loop to prop up your phone! Truly the best case ever. Also you can get 10% off your case with code ART10 at checkout!

Shop these phone cases HERE and don’t forget to use my code above to get 10% off!


5. Bamboo Charging Station

I want one of these in our new house so badly — a CHARGING STATION that holds your iPads, iphones, headphones…anything you need charged.

I love that THIS BAMBOO CHARGING STATION is pretty enough to sit out on your desk or countertop, but also is small enough to store in a cupboard.

The best part? It’s under $40 and has free shipping.

Grab this charging station right here!

the ten best gift ideas for valentine's day


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