Sometimes kids are the hardest ones to shop for. There are so many ideas out there but so few of them seem like stuff I would actually get for my kids. So I rounded up 10 ideas for little boys — newborn to 7-ish of things that any little boys in your life would love. And all of these apply to girls too, or have a very similar girl version!

1.  SOPHIE THE GIRAFFE. Babies need basically nothing for Christmas, but someone got one of these for San when he was born and he was instantly attached to it. I love that this one has handles so he can grab onto it. It makes a sweet little gift for a baby who needs nothing but you want to give them something.

2.  THE AMAZING INTERGALACTIC JOURNEY HOME BOOK. I cannot even tell you how much I love this gift idea. It’s a personalized book, made specially for your child, and your child and a little robot travel through space looking for your home. The robot spells your child’s name in the stars, searches for your town in the spaceship GPS, and then arrives at your front door — with a few fun adventures in between. My boys were so shocked and excited when they realized it showed our house (they take a real photo of your neighborhood from google maps)!

3. OWLET MONITOR. Again, babies don’t need anything, but this is a great gift for those new moms and dads. I’ve shared our experience with the owlet monitor here and here, and it would be a perfect gift for a new baby or an expectant mama.

4. BABY NIKE SNEAKERS. I can’t even get enough of these. So dang cute. Rack Room Shoes has a ton of other adorable baby sneakers too!

5. LEGO BRICK BOX. I cannot say enough good things about Legos. They develop fine motor skills, they teach your child how to follow instructions, they foster creativity, and they can keep them entertained for hours on end. This is a good starter box, but I also recommend the Lego Junior kits if you want something with instructions and a finished product.

6. MICRO SCOOTER. These are the best three wheel scooters out there, hands down. A great starter scooter before you move on to a Razor scooter.

7. GLOW IN THE DARK STARS. My boys love all things glow in the dark and these are fun to stick up on the ceiling or in their closet or on the bottom bunk bed.

8.  STAR WARS BATTLESHIP GAME. We’re getting this for B this year and I’m giddy about it. I grew up playing this game and can’t wait to teach him. And since it’s Star Wars themed, he’ll automatically love it 😉

9.  EYEBALL JAMMIES. Christmas jammies are popular to give on Christmas, but then you get very little use out of them. So I like regular jammies that can be worn all year long. These eyeball ones are so darn cute.

10. NATE THE GREAT AUDIOBOOK. My boys are huge audiobook lovers and we listen to them all the time. Nate the Great is one of our very favorites because the stories are funny and the narrator has such good voices.


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  1. Kortney Kern says:

    Hey Merrick! I loved this gift list and it has given me some great ideas for my little man! I do have a question about the personalized book. I went to the website and made a book for E…but they didn’t have a picture of my house at the end. Is it an actual picture of your house? They had a picture of my neighborhood from Google Maps…but not my house at the end and that is what sounded so cool about this book. Did they have a picture of your house at the end? Do you think they just can’t find my house on Google Maps? Thanks so much for any answers you can give me! =D

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