Over the last few weeks, as I’ve slowed down with San’s arrival, I’ve thought a lot about my three experiences of having a newborn in the house. I was chatting with my best friend a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned that when she was a brand new mom, sunset each evening felt like the zombie apocalypse, where she was suddenly flooded with overwhelming dread just thinking about the upcoming night.

As soon as she said this, I remembered this exact feeling so distinctly. During the day after B was born, it was easy to think clearly and feel happy and excited about my new baby, but as the sun went down every night, all I could think about was how terrified I was that my baby would die in the night, or that I’d get absolutely no sleep, and suddenly my thoughts would be completely consumed by fear and dread.

This lasted for several months, and when Fos I had the same experience, and with San it’s surfaced again. Fortunately each time it’s lasted a shorter amount of time — with B it was months before I didn’t hate 7:00pm. With San it only lasted a day or two.

But even though I’m much less dramatic about it now, nighttime can still be stressful, and that’s why I’m super grateful for my Owlet. It’s a little sock monitor that you put on your baby’s foot that checks their oxygen levels and heart rate and is designed to alert you if their levels drop out of range. What I would have given for one of these with my first two babies!

The monitor connects to an app on your phone and has a base station you can put on your night stand that is designed to sound an alarm if the levels drop, and I love being able to check on San from the app while he’s sleeping without going into his room and risking waking him up. Plus I’ve been super motivated to brush up on my infant CPR skills since even though I hope to never hear that alarm, at least I’ll know what to do if it ever does go off.

Especially if you’re a first time mom, this is an invaluable tool in giving you peace of mind and hopefully keeping the zombie apocalypse feelings at bay. But even as a mom of three, it’s helped me sleep better and and feel secure about my baby’s well being.

This would also make an amazing gift for new mama’s!

thank you to owlet for partnering on this post! |  photos by rad and happy