I’ve been in nesting mode for what seems like forever. For the last few months I’ve been purging and organizing my house, and then in the last few weeks we’ve been re-arranging rooms, putting the boys together, and designing the nursery. And now that all of that is basically done, it’s time for the really fun part — the part that makes all of this feel so much more real. Time to fold the baby clothes, take the breast pump out of storage, time to wash the swaddling blankets, hang pictures on the wall, and get all of his things in order.

In the six years since B was born, and almost 3 1/2 since Fos, so many new products have popped up. We have most of the essentials like a nursing pillow and a bumbo, so I’m loving learning about new big products and testing them out with this baby. One product in particular that I’ve heard about a lot over the last year is Owlet. It’s a little foot monitor that checks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen and is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing.

At first I thought about how stressful that would be if the alarm went off, and how I had no interest in having one. But after mentioning it to my husband, he told me how amazing it would be because even though you never want to hear that alarm, it’s so much better than the alternative of not knowing that your baby stopped breathing until maybe hours later. Plus, it’s motivating me to brush up on my infant CPR knowledge so that in the case of an emergency and the monitor goes off, I actually know what to do.

Obviously we haven’t tried it out yet, but I’ll be using it as soon as the baby arrives and will share a full review of how we like it! And although I’ll be sharing this then too, you can snag yourself one right here.

in collaboration with owlet |  photos by rad and happy


  1. Michelle Eisele says:

    When my 6 yo was born she was a preemie. I had never heard of the AngelCare monitor that operates in a similar way (it monitors breathing). It was the biggest relief to have one to my entire family (like even my mom and dad!) and it brought us so much peace. It actually did go off once and I think she really had stopped breathing. It was terrifying! But when most babies stop breathing like that, the noise will be enough to startle them back into breathing and the problem is over then and there. It was THE BEST money I spent on her. I had people tell me it was a waste but for me and my husband it was worth every last penny. I hope you feel the same! 🙂

    • Merrick says:

      Yes, exactly! My husband and I talk about how it’s scary to think about your baby not breathing, but it’s so much better to KNOW.

      • Carrie Gilstrap says:

        I wish this product were around 6 years ago when my son stopped breathing. Fortunately I was still in the hospital (he was only 1 day old), but the memory of his completely blue body still terrifies me. After several days in the intermediate nursery, we were sent home with the explanation that this is a “newborn immaturity.” It was difficult to leave the security of the hospital monitors…I wish this product were around back then! It would have provided us so much peace and comfort upon returning home.

  2. Claire says:

    Where is the darling London print from?

  3. Samantha Clark says:

    Can you share a better picture of that quilt, showing the whole thing? I tried finding pictures of it on their site and on their Etsy page (even checking through all their “Sold” products,) but was unable to find a better picture of it. It looks it could be just what I’m looking for for my little guy who’s due next month.

  4. Abby says:

    Where did you get the London print? I love it!

  5. randi says:

    Hi Merrick! I am looking for a rug for our baby’s room but not sure what size to use, do you mind sharing your room size and the measurements of the rug you have? Thank you!!

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