DETAILS: denim dress made by me (tutorial here, buy similar here and here) | espadrille sneakers | fringe bag | similar necklace | mirrored aviators 
*photos by Jana Laurene
In the past year or so, I think I’ve really figured out my style. And although I can’t quite put it into one particular style category (like feminine or preppy), I feel like I’ve discovered what I love to wear and what pieces make me look and feel my best. I still take risks with my outfits, but I feel like the thing that has made the biggest difference is figuring out my Wardrobe Building Blocks. These are pieces that are the foundation of my wardrobe — the pieces off of which I build the rest of my outfit, and the pieces I find myself buying and wearing over and over. 
My main wardrobe building blocks are dresses, heels, sneakers, distressed denim, and basic tops. For each season, the pieces change, but the categories do not. I might wear a sweater dress instead of a sundress, or a simple sweatshirt instead of a basic tee, but the building blocks remain the same, and thus my style stays consistent. 
My chambray dress and these striped espadrille sneaks are staples for my summer wardrobe, and are great building blocks because they are so versatile. I wore them here for an easy summer look with a cute fringe bag (by the way, crossbody bags are definitely one of my accessory staples), but this dress is great with heels, a jacket, a sweater, a button up tied over it, or even with tights and boots. As for the sneakers, they’re almost as versatile — I wear them with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts. 
I get emails and comments all the time from readers trying to find their style, and I think this is the key. If you can figure out what your wardrobe building blocks are (or at least what you want them to be — so long as they work with your body type and lifestyle), you can find your style. 
Next week I’ll get more into what specific things you should look for as you build your wardrobe and discover your building blocks, but for now check out Janssen and Landen’s wardrobe building blocks! Happy Tuesday!