With Mother’s Day this weekend, I’ve rounded up a few last minute gift ideas that your mom would love or you would love (just send this post over to your husband ;))

Shopping for my mom is really fun because she loves a lot of different things, and I can give her something creative, sentimental, fun, or traditional and I know she’ll love it. I’ve given you a few ideas in each category and in various budgets so you’re sure to find something for your mama (or a good idea for your husband).

1. Jewelry. It’s such a traditional gift, but there is so much beautiful jewelry out there that you could gift something that is anything but traditional and expected. I love Gorjana’s pieces especially since they’re classic and simple, but so unique. I love this ring from her collection and it would make a great gift for you or your mom!

2. Stationery. Pretty cards are such a fun gift for me to give. It’s like giving little pieces of art! And they’re a gift that keeps on giving since you or your mom will send those beautiful cards on to other people for them to enjoy!

3. A special letter. This is my all time favorite gift, and I call it “100 reasons I love you.” All you have to do is write that at the top and then list 100 things you love about your mom. It will make her laugh, it will make her cry, it will be the best gift she’s ever received. (I also love doing this for my husband on our anniversary!)

4. Shoes. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, mine is through my feet. A new pair of shoes for Mother’s Day would be a perfect gift for me, and I’m obsessed with these lace up sandals for summer. They’re also a nice thick heel so they’re perfect for running around with my kids but still feeling a little dressed up. I’m sure your mom would love a pair of shoes too, and with Zappos’ 2-day free shipping they can still be here in time for Mother’s Day!

5. A new handbag. My husband loves buying me handbags for holidays and special occasions and I’m certainly not complaining! This one from Rebecca Minkoff has been my current crush and it comes in so many pretty colors! And quick, send the link to your husband and have him use Zappos’ 2-day free shipping!

6. Flowers. Ok, they’re a given. Pretty pink roses would be a perfect addition to any of these other gifts, because you just can’t go wrong with flowers!

So hurry up and send this to your husband, or get shopping for your mama! Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Lovely post!! Especially love giving my mama fresh flowers and a special note! What mom wouldn’t want that?! Xo

    ig: @stylemelauren:disqus

  2. Ris says:

    Woops–it’s stationEry, not stationAry. That means to stay still!

  3. Great ideas!! I got my mom a meaningful piece of jewelry from the Noonday Collection. It’s a gift for mom that helps other moms – love wins! 🙂

  4. Shae says:

    This is too cute! Great ideas that moms will love!
    Shae @ http://www.currenthabits.com

  5. So, yeah, I’ll take one of each. 😛

  6. Heidi D. says:

    These are the best ideas I’ve seen so far!

    Wishes & Reality

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