With Halloween quickly approaching, I’ve been frantically working on Halloween costumes and I’m so excited to share this years Halloween costumes with you guys — they’re coming later this week! But today I thought I’d dip back in my archives to share a tutorial for a fun Halloween costume idea — one that we did almost two years ago exactly, just days after my baby was born: Football Player and Football costumes!
I use the football player costume two years in a row, and the second year, when baby brother came along, I whipped up an easy baby football costume (hoping he’d be born before Halloween so he could actually wear it (and he was)), and it turned out cuter than I could have imagined. 
I mean… 
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Football Player Materials:
Oversized T-shirt (in desired color) — I found mine at Walmart
leggings (in desired color) — I found mine at Old Navy in the girls section
iron on letters
2 sheets of felt (in desired color)
batting (for shoulder pads)
2 colors of bias tape (in desired colors)
Step 1. Using a seam ripper, remove the pocket from the t-shirt. 
Step 2. Follow the instructions on the iron-on letters to spell out your team name and player name on the front and back (obviously we had to do BYU since it’s our alma mater!) 
Step 3. Cut your player number from the white felt (I could get two numbers per sheet), and two more for the back. Pin the numbers to the t-shirt and sew around the outer and inner edge to secure them to the t-shirt. 
Step 4. Cut a long strip of batting and fold it over to your desired thickness for the shoulder pads (I folded mine over 7 times to get it this thick). Then pin it to your shoulders and sew on top of the shoulder seam, securing it in place. 
Step 5. Use bias tape for the stripes on the sleeves and pants. Fold the tape in half for the thin stripes. Pin in place and sew a straight seam over each stripe to secure in place. 
Step 6. Measure your child’s arm and cut two pieces of elastic in this length. Sew the ends of the elastic together to form a loop. Pin the elastic evenly around each arm hole, then sew around the arm hole on top of the elastic with a straight stitch, stretching as you sew. 
Now complete the look with tall sock and tennis shoes, and some black eyeliner for his eye black!
And if you have a baby sibling who wants to play dress up as well, this is a super easy project that you can throw together in no time at all. 
Football Materials:

baby onesie (gerber are my fave)
dark brown RIT dye
white ribbon (1/4″ AND 1″)
fabric glue

Step 1: Follow the RIT dye package instructions to dye your onesie dark brown. Wash and dry before moving on to the next step. 
Step 2. Try the onesie on your baby and measure across their chest and waist (where your fat stripes will go), then cut your 1″ wide ribbon to those measurements. Use fabric glue to attach them to the onesie (obviously take the onesie off your baby before gluing!)
Step 3. Measure the distance from your two 1″ stripes, and cut a piece of 1/4″ wide ribbon one inch shorter than that length. Glue it perpendicularly between your thick stripes, spacing it evenly between them.  Then cut seven 1 1/2″ stripes of your 1/4″ wide ribbon, and glue them down your long stripe, spacing them evenly. Let the glue dry completely and you’re done!