Delicate jewelry is so popular this season, and after going crazy over statement jewelry for the last few years, I’m ready to tone it down and go for something a little more simple. But even the most simple jewelry can be fun to play around with sometimes, and one of my favorite ways to amp up the basic, delicate pieces is to layer them.

If you’re trying to figure out how to layer yours, try these tips:

1. Pick pieces that are similar to each other, like the “V” shaped pieces I styled together in my first outfit here, or the spiked pieces in the second outfit. This will make your layering look purposeful and help the pieces flow well together.

2. Create contrast. I love creating contrast in outfits. Try pairing those delicate pieces with chunky pieces, or short pieces with long ones. Also, play around with a lot of delicate ones paired together, or one chunky and one delicate. Mixing and matching is what makes it fun!

3. Choose a similar neckline. Show off your gorgeous layering by choosing a top with a neckline that’s similar to the shapes of your necklaces. If your necklaces are long, choose a deeper v-neck blouse. If your necklaces are shorter and rounded, go for a scoop neck.

4. Mixed metals is allowed! Silver, gold, rose gold — they’re all fair game. Mixing the same metals will look the most purposeful, but don’t feel like you have to stick to just one.

outfit 1:

outfit 2: