Summer time is all about sunshine, bare arms and legs, and light and fresh clothing and makeup choices. A fresh face look is so summery and youthful, pairs perfectly with all your lightweight clothing, and makes it look like you’re wearing nothing. So here’s a little step by step to show how I achieve that flawless fresh faced look, without any cakey or heavy makeup — in fact, everything I use is super light so I don’t even feel like I’m wearing makeup!

Plus, since there are only a few steps, it takes just about 5 minutes from start to finish so you can be out the door to your sunny summery activities in no time, and looking fabulous and fresh!

Step 1. 
Start with a clean, dry face. The key to the fresh face look is no dry or rough patches, so I use Neutrogena Blackhead eliminating scrub every few days to keep my pores super clean and to slough off any dry skin. It works wonders and I highly recommend it. Moisturize well after using it, then let your skin completely dry before applying foundation.
Step 2.
A super even and smooth base is the first step, and I use bareSkin foundation from bareMinerals (I wrote more about this product here) and buff it gently all over my face. Make sure you blend it nicely on your jawline and neck. 
like this: 
Step 3. 

With a big fluffy brush, apply a loose powder to set your foundation. Since I’ve started using the bareSkin foundation, I’ve used my old bareMinerals mineral veil foundation as my loose powder, which gives me a little extra coverage where I need it, and helps the liquid foundation really stay in place all day. But before that I used a CoverGirl loose translucent powder and it worked great. In fact, I still use it in the next step.

Step 4. 
(optional) fill in your brows. With the light fresh face look, a defined brow is flattering since it adds a little bit of contrast and definition to an otherwise smooth and soft look. I use Anastasia brow powder duo and an angled brush from Ulta. After filling them in, go back with the fluffy brush and CoverGirl translucent powder and brush over them gently to set the makeup and give it a less harsh and more realistic look.  I’ll do a full brow tutorial soon! 
Step 5. 

Next let’s add a little bit of color to that newly evened out skin tone. First up is bronzer. Don’t go heavy on this — the idea is that you want to look glowy and sunkissed, so no harsh lines. I use a fluffy brush to get a more natural look, and use “warmth” All-Over Face Color from bareMinerals. I apply it just below my cheekbones (where you can see the brush in the photo below), along my hairline on my forehead, along my jawline, and down my neck. I also occasionally squish the brush a bit with my fingers to make in narrower, and then apply down the sides of my nose (but not on the bridge).

[tip: When you put your brush in your bronzer color, always do a brush on the back of your hand to make sure you get an even application when you put it on your face].

Step 6. 
Now add a little color to those cheeks with a bit of blush. I love “beauty” by bareMinerals because it’s a very natural pink. Use the same brush-first-on-the-back-of-your-hand tip that I mentioned above when applying blush, and smile when you do this so you can put it right on the apples of your cheeks. 
Step 7.
Next up, add a bit of definition to those eyes with a dark gray or black eyeliner pencil. I like bareMinerals lasting line long-wearing eyeliner in charcoal. I use liquid liner for evening makeup, but during the day the pencil achieves a softer look while still giving the illusion of a thicker lash line and defining your eyes. Skip the eyeliner on your lower lid for this look. 
Step 8.
Finish off your eyes with some mascara (curl your lashes first if you need to). I usually do two coats to ensure a nice black last line and thick full lashes. I currently use both bareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara and Flawless Definition Curl and Lengthen Mascara.
Step 9.
The way to finish this look is with some neutral lip color. I like bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in pink mauve for a super neutral and shimmery lip, but if I’m looking for a little more color, I use Forever 21’s High Pigment Gloss in Hot Pink
And you’re done! A flawless, super lightweight, super natural fresh face for summer! 

This is not a sponsored post. I get asked all the time about my makeup routine, so hopefully this answers your questions. I’ve been wearing bareMinerals for three years now, and, as you can tell, I really love it 🙂 


  1. your eyes are gorgeous!! love the makeup look!

  2. Lauren says:

    I used to use Bare Minerals and am not sure why I quit. I think I'll make a trip today! Can't wait for this foundation!

  3. Laura says:

    can i just say how pretty you are? because you are, and this is also a lovely summer make-up:-) x

  4. Love, Iris says:

    I love this! You are so gorgeous! I want to try this now!

  5. Honey Dew says:

    Beauty! Love this post! Check out my blog if you have some time 🙂

  6. Kristin says:

    I've thought about using the BareMinerals products so many times and just never bit the bullet. I think you've finally convinced me!!

  7. mabs says:

    The makeup that I always go for. Lovely!!

  8. You're really pretty, and I love your eyebrows!

    SORTEO en el blog

  9. I'm so eager for your brow tutorial! Love your natural summer glow look. Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Gahhh…these pics are amazing! Did you also do them with a tripod/remote? You have the most beautiful hair & skin! I really need to start filling in my brows. I feel like it looks so clown-like on me (because I'm not used to it) but it looks great in pics. Great tutorial…

    XOXO, Jenn
    The Stylish Housewife

  11. Revele Toi says:

    Tu es magnifique ! Kiss from Paris

  12. Can't wait for the brow tutorial!

  13. Love this! It has all my essentials in a makeup routine: fewer products, natural looking, and best of all — it's quick & easy! Thanks for the great tutorial!


  14. emandtrev says:

    Lovely!! You look beautiful, and I love how this process covers all the bases, but seems simple too!

  15. kimmie says:

    you are so stunning with or without makeup! And you were not kidding about loving the Bare Minerals line! I really liked it too, but it was just too messy for me. Back in the day, I had my own office (since turned into my Lucy's room) and put on my makeup at a table by the window with lots of natural light, but every time I dusted the room (especially the window sill!), the "dust" was like, beigey foundation colored, which totally grossed me out because it was ALL over the place! I had to switch over to a mineral pressed powder from Pur Minerals, and I absolutely love it. I know that BM now has their own pressed powders too, but I haven't tried them, but I'm totally intrigued about the liquid foundation after your post and will be sure to check it out when it hits stores!

  16. Sarah says:

    Love this! Can you share details of how you got that soft curl in your hair? it's perfect!

  17. Meghan says:

    pretty even without all the make up:-)

  18. Mareike says:

    Which bareskin foundation color are you using? Thanks

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