In the middle of last week we headed down to Las Vegas to visit my family. My little brother, Crawford, just graduated high school, a year early, and as valedictorian no less, and his graduation ceremony was over the weekend. So we snuck down to show some support, spend a little time with my family, and have a little mini vacation.

Also, my parents just put a pool in their backyard, so we pretty much spent the entire weekend in there since it was 112 degrees outside. 

On Saturday night, Philip and I left the babies with my parents for the evening and snuck off for a dinner date at Bacchanal in Caesar’s Palace. Normally I’m not a fan of buffets (like, at all), but this one is famous for serving their food in small portions and each dish is supposedly comparable to fine dining. Turns out it was seriously as good as fine dining, and we stuffed our faces with some of the best food we’ve had. Our favorites were the beef tacos, sliders, ribs, and the lava cake. They practically had to roll us out of there.

As is the case with all road trips, we had hours of driving on either end of the trip. We’ve found that traveling with kids can be tricky (thankfully my kids are both pretty good travelers), but I always feel a little less stressed about the whole thing when I’m prepared and organized.  In A Pikle recently sent me one of their Pikle bags, and having it my purse for this trip was perfect. It’s a little pouch filled with all sorts of essentials needed for any type of emergency or “pikle,” and we found ourselves using it over and over during the weekend: when I realized I’d forgotten to bring bobby pins, when Philip got a horrible headcold and needed tissues immediately, when we needed something to entertain Peanut during church on Sunday and I realized I had a little pen and paper pad in my Pikle bag, and about ten other times. It was a lifesaver. I can also say for sure that the hand sanitizer, bandaids, hair-ties, mirror, and stain remover stick will be really useful for our family.

Honestly, at first I was thinking that a DIY version could possibly be put together for a few bucks cheaper than they sell it, but after realized just how many things they fit in that bag, and seeing how sturdy and nice the interior bags and exterior pouch are, I think you’re better off purchasing. And can you even imagine the headache in shopping around for all these little travel sized things? Plus, their pouches come in a bunch of cute patterns and they also sell extra re-fill packs (aside from the standard pack that comes with about every possible thing you could think of) to fit your individual needs.

I throw mine into my purse (as you can see below), but if you didn’t want to carry it everywhere you go, you could certainly just keep it in your car’s glove box. I will definitely do that some of the time.

In A Pikle is giving away one of these Paisley Dill Pikle bags this month, so check out their giveaway page to enter to win it! Or, use code merricksart at checkout to get 10% off!


  1. Kristina says:

    Oh my gee, your dessert plates look amaaaazing!!

    Kristina does the Internets

  2. Elise says:

    What a fun trip! I could sure us an "In A Pikle" bag!

  3. Meggan says:

    Would you mind sharing where you got your wallet? I have a similar one (long wallet, zipper close) that's wearing out so I'm trying to replace it, but those wallets are sort of hard to find. Thank you!

  4. at the graduation … where did you get that green dress??? love it!

  5. SJ Rueppel says:

    Oh… Buck's little face at graduation and that outfit! Makes me want to give my little peanut a squishy hug. So cute!

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