Contrasting Sleeve Top (Tutorial)

Remember that floral shirt that I used for this refashion last week? Well, it’s back for another fun refashion today. 
I’ve been inspired by all the contrasting sleeved tops out there right now, so I gave it a go.  Like last week’s contrasting pocket refashion, it takes a plain shirt up a notch. In fact, with the ruched and slightly puffed sleeves, it makes this plain Target tee a little fancy shmancy. Date night material, if you ask me. 
  • Two (2) shirts
  • matching thread
  • seam ripper
Step 1. With a seam ripper, remove the sleeves of both shirts. 

Step 2. With right sides together, pin the sleeve to the shirt and sew around the arm hole with a straight stitch.

 Step 3. serge or zigzag the seam allowance.

Repeat on the other sleeve and you’re done! 
As always, comment or email me with any questions! Happy sewing!
  • that top is adorable on you — you are so creative! xo

  • Ash


  • cute! love those sleeves
    kw ladies in navy

  • Oh, I LOVE this. Totally stealing this idea… Thanks for the inspiration! x

  • So easy! I love the 'puffed' sleeve and the floral fabric. Totally pinning!


  • What a cute idea! I love the way it turned out, and it doesn't seem too complicated to re-create, thanks for the tutorial!

  • Very cute! I also have a random question, what brand of jeans are you wearing?

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  • Oh, this is so up my alley! I'm not a t-shirt kinda gal, but this end result looks so girly and cute. I love it!

  • Very clever! And that way the sleeves are guaranteed to fit! (I've always had trouble with sewing pattern sleeves). This would probably work on sleeveless as well, right?

  • Amazing. Love the puffed sleeve look. It's great to be able to change up a shirt that you like and turn it into a new, exciting piece all together!

  • What a fabulous idea! Love the result!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED
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  • I love this one!

  • This is so fabulous and not expensive- Love it!

  • So simple but so cute! I love your jeans, too — and I'm totally jealous that you're wearing sandals. I've been missing mine!

  • Oh goodness. So cute, and so simple!!

  • Wow, you always make so much cute stuff! Did you put the gray sleeves on the floral shirt, or did you just leave it as a tank top? I could see the floral being super cute as a tank.

    • Nope, I didn't put the other sleeves on the floral top — I'm planning to make a few more things out of that floral shirt 🙂

  • Those printed sleeves are adorable! I've done this with toddler shirts before when I was making a baseball style shirt, but I never though to try it for my self. Awesome job!

  • I'm drooling on my laptop right now! I SERIOUSLY love this, how simple and yet so dramatically cute!! Can you tell I never make anything for myself–just my children? Maybe THAT needs to be the next sewing challenge: sew ONLY for yourself for like a month! LOL!

  • Man ur like a freaking genius!!! The things on here are amazingly good. I own a sewing machine but my patience are not so good when sewing. Keep it up =)

  • Brillant!! you think this could work on cardigans where the sleeves are too tight for my arms???

  • Awesome.

  • Love this tutorial – – am definitely going to try one of these.

    What brand of jeans are you wearing – – they are exactly what I need.