Capped Toe Shoe Refashion (Tutorial)

As you guys have probably figured out by now, I’m all about making my wardrobe the most it can be. If there is a piece that doesn’t get as much use as I want, I fix it until I love it and will wear it regularly. 
These shoes are a good example. They’re super cute and fun, but I found them hard to style. They’re just a little too fancy to wear casually, and I typically wear heels if I’m dressing up. So in order to get the most use out of them, I did a little refashion. 
One of the biggest issues I had was that they were a little bit wide, and gaped on the sides. I threw on some tight rubber bands for a few days and that pulled the sides right in. I might have to do it again every few weeks as I wear them, but that’s no big deal. 

Once the wideness issue was taken care of, I pulled all of the embellishments off with a seam ripper.

After the embellishments were off, I taped off the toe with painters tape, pressing it down hard to avoid gaps. 
The shoes have a velvet texture, which I knew wouldn’t take the paint very well, plus there were some little holes from the embellishments, so I used hot glue and covered the entire toe. Once the toe was covered, I went back over with the side of the glue gun’s metal tip (which was very hot) and smoothed out all the glue. 
*If your shoes don’t have an absorbant fabric, you can skip this step and just go straight to painting.

Once the entire toe was glued, I double and triple taped the toe and around the edge of the sole, and then covered the rest of the shoe in plastic wrap.

Then I spray painted the shoe with indoor/outdoor all-material spray paint. After three coats of paint (letting it dry in between each coat), the toe was sufficiently covered. I let it dry completely, and then removed the tape and plastic wrap.

Finally, I used a bit of black and white acrylic paint to touch up some of the little mistakes and let it dry again.

And that’s it! Fun cap-toed shoes that I’ll be wearing constantly! 
tee: old navy (shop) // jeans: american eagle (shop) // shoes: refashioned by me // glasses: firmoo (similar) // 
rug: rugsusa (shop)
As always, comment or email me with any questions! Happy projecting!
  • Great re-fashion they look really good!

  • Those are awesome! Way to go!

  • Ash

    These look great! I'm tempted to try on some plain flats. Thanks for the instructions. πŸ™‚

  • adorable — and looks so easy too!! xo

  • I think i might try this with some of my old shoes too!!
    Super cute!!

  • Cute. Would not have thought of doing white on black, but I like it.

  • I love how these turned out! And you look adorbs wearing them. πŸ™‚

  • haha I just did this last week {here} and I have literally worn them every day except for sunday, when I wore a pair of patent leather stilettos which now have a gold cap toe. LOVE IT! Great minds think alike? haha

  • Cute! Im working on a shoe refashion also. I thought about paint but painting my shoes scares me a little, even though it always turns out cute when other people do it.

  • Love it!!!! Thanks for the idea. I have some plain ones I think I want to refurbish to look like these the way they were originally…but now I dunno! Lol

  • Super cute! Hmmm I need to look at my shoes…

  • That looks so good!

  • what a great idea! I need to revamp some items in my wardrobe and this really has inspired me. Also I love your glasses in the last pictures πŸ™‚

  • Kim

    Cute! I definitely have some shoes that could use a little revamping. On an unrelated note you are adorable and look AH-MAZ-ING after having two babies! I would surely love to read a post centered around your health habits. Great tutorial!

  • Very cool! I've prepped a similar DIY with a metallic take for my blog, but I really LOVE this white. SO cool.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  • Those are so cute! I love the capped toe trend, but I'm too cheap to buy new shoes right now. Great idea for using what you have!

  • Your projects always impress me!

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  • What a great re-fashion. I love how they came out, and especially how they look on. They add a nice pop! I love your projects like this, they strike right to my thrifty heart.

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  • Hi, I'm thinking I want to do this, how are yours holding up?