September Sponsors

I’m a little late this month, but I wanted to take a minute and introduce a few new sponsors this month, as well as remind you of my other sponsors who have been with me for a bit longer. Take a second to hop over to their blogs and check them out!

You should be familiar with One Little Belt now, since I’ve mentioned it several times in the last few days. Kilee, the owner of the shop, has an adorable blog, and everything in the shop is beyond darling. That tribal belt? It’s the reason I need a baby girl at some point in my life (although I’m getting my fourth niece in November, so maybe I’ll have to fulfill my baby girl shopping through them…). 
Make sure you go enter the One Little Belt giveaway — only 2 more days til it’s closed! 

. . . . . . .

Meaghan is a darling little blogger up in Canada, who blogs about life, love, and other fun tidbits. She recently graduated from college in business and is now trying her hand at blogging since she’s not sure what she wants to do with her life. A good place to start, don’t you agree? Go check out her cute little blog

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Kimberly is a theater director and producer, and her blog, Just Enough Foolishness, documents her life, theater, traveling, and other fun things. 

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Daniel and Christy's Adoption Blog

Daniel and Christy are a beautiful couple with a dream to adopt, and their blog is a way of reaching out to people in hopes of finding their baby. You can get to know them a little bit right here, and you should check out the awesome and incredibly sweet shirt that Christy recently made. Seriously warmed my heart.

. . . . . . .

Daisy Rae Boutique is a darling and affordable online boutique. Kacie, the owner, has an awesome blog of her own (kacie’s kloset) where she features many of the items from her shop, always styling them so well, and making me want pretty much every item in the store. The best part about Daisy Rae? Everything in her shop is under $50.

You can see me wearing the gorgeous chevron top from her shop here.

. . . . . . .

If you aren’t yet reading Audrey’s blog, Putting Me Together, you should go there right now and subscribe. She is the master of remixing, and always is putting together the most amazing outfits. Her recent series on building a remixable wardrobe is the perfect starting point if you don’t know what to do with your closet. Go read it right now and love her as much as I do.

. . . . . . . 
Grace’s blog, Camp Patton, is one of those blogs that a person like me needs in their life. A little comic relief and relate-able mommy-talk that gives me a small break from the million fashion blogs I read. Although I should mention that she does do occasional fashion/refashion posts, which I love.
My favorites are her Simon Says posts, which document the hilarity that comes from her husband’s mouth. Go check them out and laugh your head off (like I do, every time). 
. . . . . . . . 
Sam’s blog is a sweet and happy blog about love, family, and life. Her darling little girl, Hero, just arrived, and all the adorable pictures she posts of her are enough to melt any cold heart. I mean, just look at this sweet baby!
. . . . . . . .
Dresses from Shabby Apple

I’m sure most, if not all, of you are familiar with Shabby Apple — they are famous for their beautiful dresses (I have several and love them). They also have some gorgeous swimsuits, perfect for summer! Go check them out!

. . . . . . . . .
And finally, Misikko. They are the creators of many fabulous hair tools. I did a review of their flat iron a few months ago, and have since used it at least once a week. I LOVE IT. It heats up so quickly, straightens my hair so well, and is obviously a very high quality tool.  You can see my review here  and their fabulous flat irons here.
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If you are interested in sponsoring Merrick’s Art, check out my sponsor information page and then email me ( for current stats and pricing!

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