Easter Weekend

 On Saturday, we went to a public easter egg hunt. We showed up 5 minutes late and the hunt was already over (apparently it lasted about 10 seconds), but Peanut still enjoyed meeting the Easter bunny. To be honest, I was SHOCKED at how willing he was to climb up on this big bunny’s lap and smile for the camera.

 After we got home from church on Sunday, and Peanut had a nap, we did a little easter egg hunt. He was thrilled to find candy inside the eggs!

All boy, this one.
In our Easter outfits

My mom sent Peanut a little Courdoroy book and teddy bear set. He loved it, and carried that bear around the rest of the evening.

 Because we did Easter alone, we went a non-traditional route with roast and focaccia bread for our dinner. I didn’t want to be eating an entire ham by ourselves for the next three weeks!

Such a great weekend!


  1. christine says:

    AWwww!! Loving the pictures. Hope your son had a great week!! Corduroy is one of my favorite books too. Your outfit is lovely!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. You're outfit is so adorable, you're very talented.

  3. Look at you with your fancy dinner and table setting! So cute!

    I totally forgot about that Corduroy book, but I loved that when I was little!

  4. Peanut is so cute with the Easter bunny! Love the family photo 🙂

    The Tiny Heart

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