Elevating An Outfit (Part 1)

Sometimes when I get dressed in the morning I feel like my outfit is missing something. It’s cute, and it looks put together, but it just needs something extra. For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about the concept of “elevating an simple outfit” —  taking it beyond the basics, so for the next few weeks I’ll occasionally share a few of my personal tips on elevating a basic outfit.

Tip #1: Add a statement necklace.

Yesterday’s outfit was a perfect example. I put on a button up top and a patterned cardigan, and felt like it worked, but it just needed something else to pull it all together. As soon as I threw on this big bright teal necklace, the outfit was instantly elevated.

button up/cardigan/boots: target, jeans: abercrombie (altered), necklace: gift from Landen from Paris

Something as simple as that necklace made a difference in the entire outfit, and I loved how it pulled everything together.

Stay tuned for Elevating An Outfit (Part 2) next week!