Before and After

I’ve been on a project binge lately, fixing up all sorts of stuff. My closet has been overhauled several times, I’ve delved through my repair box over and over, and of course I’ve been working through all my loot from the fabric district.

But one project that has been on the top of my list for the last few months is our bar stools. We bought them about five years ago, and after eating dinner at our bar nearly every night of those five years, these poor chairs were in bad shape.

See?? So sad. So embarrassing.

The plan was the find some good upholstery fabric in LA, but despite the miles of fabric to choose from, I didn’t love any of them. Poor Philip was sad when I came home empty handed. But happily for him, I jumped on a few days later and found this pretty fabric.

A few staples later, these chairs are as good as new.

Another successful project to cross off the list.

  • Love them! Great work!! The fact that they are printed, yet still neutrally colored is so nice.

  • Agreed! I loved the neutral colour choice. You did a really great job.
    Kerri at HollyMuffin

  • Turned out great! I love the fabric choice!

  • Love that fabric! They look great!

  • It looks awesome!

  • The fabric choice with the stool style is perfect. The stools look brand new. Great job.

  • Pretty impressive! They look amazing!

  • Where did you get the chairs? I want some like that 🙂

  • The chairs are originally from Bed Bath and Beyond. We bought them almost six years ago, so I'm not sure they're still sold there, but I have seen other similar ones at Target.