Being a stay at home mom is not always an easy job. Many days are so great, but there is the big responsibility to teach your children, some days you never leave the house except to walk the twenty steps to the mailbox, and there are dirty diapers and scheduling and occasional tantrums to deal with.

But some days, everyone’s schedules work together and you get invited to a lunch/playdate with several of your best friends, you eat delicious food, the babies play quietly and nicely together, and you get to sit together for a few hours and have wonderful conversation.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Yesterday was a great day.

p.s. Tonight I’m off to LA with my mom for a mom/daughter weekend at the Norton Simon Art Museum and the LA Fabric District. Eeee! Be prepared for a full report next week! Happy Weekend!


  1. The norton simon is great but you really really should stop at the Huntington Library (AMAZING art collection and beautiful grounds–lots of famous paintings) and/or the Getty (has some of the best rRembrandts in the world). Those two are the big ones in LA! So worth it! Have fun!

  2. Just saw this post! That really was a good day 🙂 glad you came and glad we are doing it more often!

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