On Friday night, my mom and I both jumped on a plane (me from Salt Lake and her from Las Vegas) and headed off to Pasadena, California.

That night we drove to an adorable bed and breakfast in South Pasadena (with amazing homemade toffee on the bedside table to greet us upon arrival), then woke up the next morning to delicious breakfast of baked apple, spinach and mushroom quiche, sausage link, and cinnamon bread toast. Then off we went to the Fashion District, and more specifically the Textiles/Fabric district.

For the entire morning, and late into the afternoon, we were in fabric HEAVEN.

After our feet couldn’t handle much more walking, we packed up our loot and drove to Mood Fabrics, made famous by Project Runway (my mom’s a huge fan). After the chaos of the fabric district, we were thrilled to see some organization and structure in a store, although the price tags were a shock after the dirt cheap fabrics we’d just scored.

After an hour or so at Mood, we were off to the Norton Simon Art Museum
— the whole excuse for this trip (which ended up being the shortest
activity we did). We stopped for a quick late lunch in the museum cafe,
and then zipped through the museum going as slowly as we could with the
approaching close time. It was an amazing museum, and unbelievable how much great
art one man collected. My favorites were the Rembrandts. 

After an incredibly long day full of walking and standing, we drove back to the bed and breakfast and sat around for the rest of the evening, some of it spent out on the beautiful front porch in the gorgeous California weather, and some of it spent eating the amazing biscotti in the lobby.

Then after another night’s sleep, we were up early to catch our flight and return home. Certainly a whirlwind trip, but so much fun and so great to spend many uninterrupted hours with my mom.

Tomorrow I’ll show you all my loot!


  1. Chelsea says:

    Oh Merrick! I have been meaning to go to the fabric district since living semi-nearby. It looks great! Can't wait to see what you scored. I would love to hear more details– favorite stores, where you parked, etc. What a great tradition with your mom 🙂

  2. ah. I think I am literally green with envy. dark, ugly green.

    and sans baby?

    so fun!!!

  3. .Chrissy says:

    That looks so fun!!! Your mom looks like such a cute lady!

  4. Janssen says:

    What a FUN trip! Isn't Mom the best?

  5. Packrat says:

    Oh my! Overwhelming! And very jealous. Curious, but how do the prices work out when buying by the pound?

  6. Carole says:

    This was a VERY FUN couple of days!!! So fun to be with you visiting and shopping non-stop. . . Thanks for putting all these photos so we can re-live it and share it with your many fans! Love you!!!

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