Pattern On Pattern

[floral shirt: from the Netherlands (gift from mom), pinstriped skirt: downeast basics outlet (altered to my size (formerly about 10 sizes too big)), sandals: target, earrings: stolen from my little sister (oops!), watch: dkny]

Let me just put it out there right now that I am NOT a fashionista. In fact, I sort of loathe that word and all that is associated with it. It sounds pretentious and kind of kitschy and reminds me of a person that wears way too many accessories and thinks it’s awesome. What I should say is, I don’t really know anything about fashion. Because last time I checked, mixing patterns was a no-no. Aren’t there a million stories about wives telling their husbands to go and change because, “striped shirts and plaid shorts do not match!”

Then all the sudden mixing patterns was the cool thing. The runways and pinterest are suddenly exploding with pattern mixing. Seriously, fashion is so hard to figure out. Pretty soon we’ll all be wearing sandals with socks and think it’s the best thing ever. Whatever…I’ll jump on the bandwagon.

p.s. A few of you asked about my bootcut to skinny jeans alteration…I happen to have a pair in my closet that are waiting to be altered, so I think it’s time for a tutorial. Stay tuned!


  1. Nicole says:

    You've just made me feel a million times awesome. I have adored your style ever since I saw you on Kayla's FB(fad) post, and have tried to follow the simple artistic rules you posted. You look awesome though, for the record.

  2. straight up awesome! =)
    shirt: fab
    skirt: totally fab

    great look on you!

  3. kaila sue says:

    I loathe the word fashionista too! I LOVE that shirt, totally adorable!

  4. Merrick I love your outfit and your blog is too cute!

  5. Lydia says:

    I think this is my favorite from the pattern mixing challenge. Well done!

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