A Hairy Situation

[dress: downeast basics, earrings: gifted, sandals: target, hairdo: inspired by this]

Doing my hair in a fancy way today reminded me of the good old days when my sisters and I would wait in line every morning to have our hair done by my mom. Our favorite (and my mom’s specialty) was the “question mark braid.” I have no idea where my mom learned to do it, but it was a french braid that started above one ear, then circled around our head, past the other ear, and down the neck in a big question mark shape.

This also reminded me that I should brush up on my hair skills before I have any girl babies, cause these fingers are out of practice. Hence the big ol’ mess of bun currently on my head.

Luckily, Peanut hasn’t asked for any french braids in his hair. Let’s hope it stays that way…


  1. kaila sue says:

    Oh, love the hair! Whatever would we do without pinterest!?

  2. wow. that looks amazing. super j. I should've been more adventurous and less … um…heidi.

  3. cute dress, and i love the hair 🙂

  4. Jenn says:

    I love the hair! It looks so elegant. I think your interpretation looks better than the original, I'm digging the thinner strands that you pinned. Also, my mom used to put my hair in pigatils, but only when I asked.

  5. I love the hair. My hair today consists of a messy side bun. But I might have to try this one. Me likee a lot!

  6. Brit says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous! I really love it! So much talent in those fingers!! Bring on the girl babies!!

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