Especially Grateful For… [2nd Edition]

[family pictures done in Texas by Ralphie]

I fully intended to do my second edition of “Especially Grateful For” yesterday, but then I laid down on the bed for a moment after church and woke up three hours later. I guess I was a little tired!

So here we are on Monday. Today I am especially grateful for…

1. my quick trip down to Las Vegas to see my family last week.

2. Sunday naps with my love.

3. kind compliments from people that make me feel so good

4. long talks with Philip about our future

5. laying in bed at night with the lights off, the window open, and watching the lightening outside

6. making schedules for our trip to Philadelphia next week

7. good friends

8. Pinterest and all its fantastic ideas

9. the delicious BLT’s I’ve made several times this week for my lunches

10. Peanut learning to say “Mommmeeee!”


  1. making schedules really IS so much fun! and peanut is just way too cute in that picture. 🙂

  2. Carole says:

    This is a nice tradition.
    I too am grateful you were able to visit last week. So wonderful to spend time with you and Peanut.

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