Another popular subject for my 30 days: 30 paintings project (in addition to babies, in case you didn’t check that out) was couples. Several of these paintings nearly made me tear my hair out, but that’s a different story. I’ve put some time between me and these paintings, so no hard feelings…ahem.

[the only painting I did on a canvas (have I mentioned that I HATE painting on canvas?) But it was a 2 year anniversary gift…the cotton anniversary. I had to oblige.]

**And in case you were wondering, all these people paid extra to have two people in their paintings, since the deal was for a one subject painting **

  • WOW!! These are gorgeous!!! And though I respect your different relationships with different materials, I think the canvas gives some really pretty and unique texture! Seeing you paint adults gives me a new insight on your talents too – most of the portraits that I have seen you do have been of babies and children and it is so fun to see the whole spectrum! You are incredible.

  • um….you are AMAZING! I am completley blown away!

  • these are awesome, Merrick! i especially loooooove those baby paintings! so stinking cute! 🙂

  • All these and the baby paintings are wonderful. Thanks for posting them.

  • LOVE them all. Always amazed with your talent. Especially loved the temple wedding! I'm sure they will be treasured forever.

  • You are fantastic. Such lucky recipients of such beautiful paintings. So instead of canvas, what do you usually paint on?

  • AMAZING! your work is so beautiful.

  • These are SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you're finally putting these up so we can see them. I can't wait for your next gallery showing!!!

  • these are beautiful! what do you paint on instead of canvas though??