Nine Months

Dear Peanut,
Taking your monthly photo is proving to be harder every month since you almost never stop moving. In fact, most of the outtakes from your monthly photos are of you diving off the chair (with a huge grin on your face, of course). When I downloaded the photos from this month’s shoot, I had one in mind to use, but as soon as I saw this one, I changed my mind. I feel like it describes you perfectly — giant smile, and blurry feet.
Your personality continues to grow every day, some good and some not quite as good. You’ve learned how to laugh on command, which is hilarious. Your dad will tell me something funny and when I laugh, you’ll do a big loud fake laugh. You’ve also learned a nice scowl, which I think is an imitation of my face when I get stern with you, and we’re seeing that quite often these days. We’re supposed to be disciplining you, but it’s really hard not to laugh at this adorable glare. And finally, you’ve perfected the fake cry…but we’re not falling for that trick.
We took you to Las Vegas and Phoenix this past month to visit both sets of grandparents. It’s so fun to see you interacting with them and learning who they are. The first day you’re a tiny bit shy (except with Uncle Crawford…he seems to be your very favorite), but after a few hours around everyone, you’re as social and lovable as ever.
Oh, and you still have no teeth. So sorry.
Love, Mommy

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  1. Mary says:

    He is super cute! I love the scowls. As you parent, you'll hear / see your kids do a lot of things that will make you realize, "oh, I do that too, don't I?" They are little sponges when they're so young 🙂 Isn't this stage of babyhood so much fun?

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