A few years ago, my sister, Janssen, and her husband, Bart, went out to dinner with my dad and Bart’s mom. I wasn’t there, but the story was relayed to me that my dad told Bart’s mom that he really didn’t care much about food. He went on to say that on a love-of-food scale from one to ten, one being you only eat to survive, he felt like he was probably a two. From what I know of Bart’s mom, she’s a huge “foodie” and an excellent cook, so she was shocked by this comment.

After talking to Philip about this, we’ve decided that we’re probably a nine on the love-of-food scale. We love food.

We don’t eat out too much when we’re at home since it gets expensive and I love to cook, but when it comes to vacations, many of our favorite memories are associated with eating. We’ve made a vacation rule to not eat out at any chain restaurants that we could find at home, and this has led us to search out little hole in the wall restaurants, famous restaurants we’ve seen on the travel channel, and basically find some really freaking awesome food.

Just to prove to you how much we really love food, here’s some documentation of our food eating adventures on our vacation last week:

[world’s most amazing pretzels in Amish Country]

[delicious chocolate in Lancaster, PA]

[deep fried mac and cheese at Reading Terminal Market in Philly]

[delicious burgers from Bobby’s Burger Palace]

In addition to these places, we also ate mouthwatering BBQ at Rudy’s, delicious tex-mex at Chuy’s, heavenly water ice at Rita’s, yummy Philly cheesesteaks at Chubby’s, and the list could go on.

Bottom line, we’re definitely “foodies.” It’s a miracle I don’t weigh four hundred pounds.


  1. you dont weigh 400 lbs because yo0u splurege on VACATIONS!! Good rule to follow!!! ahhhh we LOVE immurgut pretzels in Lancaster! SO GOOD! Post more pics from your vacay please! ohhh and cheeseteaks- oh my!!!

  2. Janssen says:

    Remember how you thought we left the baby alone on the table at Rudy's? I'm still laughing about that.

  3. Chelsea says:

    Sounds tasty! Tom and I both love food too! Sounds like a good policy to not eat a chain food places when you're traveling!

  4. Ralphie says:

    We lived in Pittsburgh for almost 2 years and fell in love with Ritas. B has missed it so much, and then one day we're visiting his sister in Dallas and we drove by one!

    Hello Mama.

    Love this post as I myself am ridiculously passionate about food. It possesses great power over me.

  5. Packrat says:

    Food is incredibly important. (And, you can tell by looking at me.) Good thing you are young, and you probably have a great working metabolism.

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