Back To School

Yesterday, after a four month maternity vacation, I went back to school.

I’m not a very nervous person, but usually before a big event, talk, meeting, performance, or some other semi important thing I’ll get jittery and sick to my stomach. Then once the event begins, all nervousness goes away. Weird? Maybe. Going back to The Bridge proved to be no exception. I was so thrilled to be going back, and had been excitedly thinking about it all week, and then a few hours before I had to leave I got that pit in my stomach.

Why be nervous when, before my hiatus, I’d been attending this school for a year? And when I know everyone there so well? And when there aren’t any grades or tests or anything stressful at all? Probably because I haven’t painted the figure in a full two months, and haven’t painted from life once in these four months. Or probably just because I’m crazy.

Luckily, it proved to be just like riding a bicycle.