What I Did Over The Weekend…

  • RA

    Merrick, it looks so awesome!

  • Nice! I love it!

  • You are soooo good!! Did you paint this from a picture you took in New York? Or just from memory??

  • I like that a lot, Merrick. And it's fun to see your progress from photo to photo.

  • Wow! Awesome job. One of my favorites you've done.

  • That is just too cool! Great job.

  • That is SO impressive. Have I mentioned that I am the world's worst artist?

  • Love the step by step photos! That is awesome!

  • I tried to do some 3-D drawings a couple of weekends ago for a project I was working on – I'd forgotten how hard it could be. As usual – you totally impress me with your talent and ability!

  • I love how you posted some of the progress. That makes it more impressive to me.