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Back to School

I’ve now successfully completed my first week of school.

It’s been more fun that I possibly thought it could be, but holy cow it’s ALOT of work. I spent nearly the whole weekend working on projects, and I saw Philip for about 6 hours total throughout the whole week (not including the weekend).

I can already tell it’s going to continue to stay busy, but honestly I’m okay with making some sacrifices because I forgot how much I missed being in a classroom, surrounded with people motivated the same way I am, and talented in the same ways I am.

It feels so good to be doing art.

Plus, over the weekend, on top of doing a lot of art, I got all my laundry and ironing done, I got lunches made by 9:30 pm last night, I got a little reading time in, and I even cleaned our bathroom.

I feel like I can really handle all of this. I’m feeling awesome.


  1. Packrat says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying school. Want to send some of that energy this way? lol

  2. Janssen says:

    What a great feeling – I’ve felt the same way about grad school. Yay for doing exactly what you want to be doing.

  3. Bart says:

    Glad you’re liking it so much, Merrick! Sounds like you guys are both busy busy. I feel that way now (well, not during spring break, but you know what I mean), but I bet I’ll feel much more that way when we’re both working full-time jobs in Boston.

  4. Yay Merrick! I loved my art classes too… but seriously didn’t like all the work. People think art majors have it easy. But I would say it ranks up there as one of the most time-consuming majors!

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