Help me out all you Freudian fanatics:

I think mostly everyone dreams about people that they know, or places they often go, or things they think about.

Last night…

Christine was in my dream – I work with her.

Philip was in my dream – I am married to him.

Infomercials,Inc. was in my dream – I work there.

The Harvard was in my dream – this is a town home that we thought about buying.

And… Nicholas Cage was in my dream. Hmmm…any thoughts?

And no..I haven’t watched a movie with him in a very long time…I’m very confused.

  • Hey, just random but are you guys looking for a place or do you know someone that is?

  • you secretly love his receding hair line.

  • A quick interpretation of your dream leaves me to believe that you crave ice cream on a warm day in Austin. Sounds like you’ll need to come down for our graduation next May!

  • You just dont get enough of me at work so your dreams fulfill that void.

    Phillip is constantly in your thoughts. You do love him after all 🙂

    Your subconscious knows how much you LOVE work, and it works hard to keep you there.

    You really want the Harvard…and I think you should get it.

    Nicholas Cage…I dont think anyone can explain that one.

  • Nicholas Cage used to be cute…

  • i don’t know why you dreamt about nicholas cage, but i’m sooo excited your art is up in maestro’s! i’m totally going!

  • I think NC came to mind because he’s had SO MUCH OBVIOUS dental work done. Yep, that’s got to be it.

  • Hey there! Glad you found my blog. Yes we did pictures at wheeler farm. The fall colors when we went were amazing.
    Aren’t dreams crazy? I once had a dream about Sebastian Bach(yes I know I am dating myself) from Skid Row and told Seth about it. The next day I got flowers at the salon from Sebastian Bach.