July 20th

Sunday was my birthday. I don’t usually go proclaiming that around just cause I don’t really care if people know. I did mention it to one of my co-workers a few weeks ago, and then it just sort of got around and suddenly I had a delicious cake on Friday at work. I’m definitely not complaining. Now that you all know, you’re free to send me a cake…just putting that out there.

We had 8AM church on Sunday, so Philip started the celebrating at lunch time, making a really delicious lunch for both of us, and then giving me a wonderful back massage!

After a nice Sunday nap, we headed over to Philip’s sister’s house. Philip said she thought he was incapable of making a good birthday dinner, so they made us a delicious dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Mmmm…

Here’s some pictures from present time and Funfetti cupcakes!!!

  • um… first of all, do you know how gorgeous you are? secondly, happy be-lated birthday. now i’m hungry for steak + mashed potatoes.

  • Looks like you had a great birthday! It was fun chatting with you on Sunday. Can’t believe this Sunday is our last!

  • happy late birthday!

  • Oh my gosh, Merrick! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I still kind of can’t believe that you’re only 21! You must just be super mature because I always feel like 2 years younger than you. Anyways, happy birthday and let me know when you wanna do lunch. Zupas maybe?

  • Happy Belated!! You look SO beautiful in all of those photos! I hope you had a great birthday!

  • You do look stunning! Is it that lovely dress and necklace??? 🙂 Thanks for telling all about your wonderful day!

  • I second what everyone else has already said– you loook beautimous in these pics!!! no fair 😉

  • Hey Happy Birthday Merrick! You look beautiful! Age must agree with you!

  • Happy Birthday! Sure looks like you had a great one…you deserve it! We’re going to have to go shopping together some day, you’re style is stunning!