The Weekend

Neither Philip or I are from Utah, and we’re not planning to live in Utah forever. However, both of us have jobs here, and so we’ll be here for the next few years and have mutually decided that we should enjoy our time here. We’ve also decided that in order to enjoy our time here we should take advantage of the beautiful nature around these parts. Sometimes our weekends get lazed away, watching movies and sleeping in, but this weekend we decided to go hiking! We’re not really big hikers, and actually have only been a few times since we’ve been married, but it’s nice to get outdoors every once in a while. The week that Philip and I met, we went up to Stewart Falls by Sundance with some friends. It’s a two mile hike to the waterfall, then two miles back. Not strenuous, but slightly more than just a walk.

Here we are the week we met!

Since we hadn’t been back for about two years, we decided to go hike the trail again, this time with different friends.

Look familiar?

We had an awesome time, with a delicious trip to Sonic on our way home. Here are some other pictures from the hike:

Don’t we look like natural born hikers??

The highlight of the hike: when Kevin went under the ice cold waterfall. Hyperventilation finally wore off after several minutes.

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  1. Looks way fun! Take advantage and enjoy these pre-kid years, years from now you’ll look back at them and remember….”I remember when it was easy to do that!”

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