Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting…

Philip’s work has a customer service score that comes out monthly. The last few months have not been so good for this score, but this month it jumped 12 points meaning everyone is promotable! Hooray! In light of this great achievement, all the employees of the office, along with spouses/significant others/children/etc, went to dinner and a movie.

We headed off to the Mayan for dinner, a mexican restaurant where they call your order by saying “Suzy, party of 10, your adventure is about to begin!” And then the whole restaurant is decorated like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, and to top it off there are men in loincloths walking around chanting who knows what and diving off of big cliffs. How could you not enjoy a place like that?

And then we went to the IMAX theater to watch Kung Fu Panda. Now, if any of you have watched a movie with me, you will know that I get VERY into movies. This usually results in me not laughing at jokes in the movie – and this usually bothers the people that I’m watching it with cause they think I’m mad or something. Yesterday was a different story…I laughed through the whole movie! Yeah, it was kind of dumb, and maybe that’s why I didn’t get into it as much as usual, but it’s really a fun kids AND adults movie.

Go see it and have a fun time laughing through it.


  1. Nina G says:

    Crawford and I went to see KFP today. Very amusing. Kept me awake, so that is a good sign.

  2. Tristen says:

    We took our little boy Nathan to it today and we had a good laugh as well!

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