New Year, New Things

I’ve been thinking about doing a blog like this for a few months now and I’m finally getting to it. I think it will mostly be updates on my current artwork, just so everyone can see what I’m doing! Today I’m starting my most current family portrait, and will soon have pictures up of its progress. As of right now it’s just a blank piece of paper. Also, next Monday I go back to school and I’m taking a figure painting class, a figure drawing class, and a regular painting class, so I’m sure I’ll post projects from those classes as well.

I’m really excited to finally put this idea into action! Thanks for the inspiration, Mom! I’m looking forward to any and all comments on my pictures!


  1. How exciting is this?!!! I’m really thrilled to be able to watch your projects in process – if this was Carole’s idea, thumbs up sis!!

  2. Janssen says:

    Exciting! 🙂

    Welcome to the blogging world.

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