The ULTIMATE Gift Guide for Her

Gifts for everyone on your list

Most gift guides for girls that I’ve seen tend to be geared toward girls giving to their girlfriends or sisters. This one is a little bit different.

I got asked a lot what I wanted to for Christmas, cause when your mom says, “what do you want for Christmas this year?” you never can think of anything good! So if you’re stumped on what to ask for, check the SPLURGE GIFTS section.

If your husband or boyfriend is looking for ideas, this entire list is for him. You guys submitted on Instagram your favorite gifts from the men in your life and there are so many good ones scattered throughout this entire list.

And if you’re looking for gifts for your friends or sisters, well, I have that covered too 😉 Check the GIFTS FOR YOUR GIRLFRIENDS OR SISTERS section!

Experience Gifts

Let’s just agree on the fact that experience gifts are the ultimate. A fun surprise, and some time together — win win!

    • Tickets. you could do tickets to your favorite band or performer, a traveling Broadway performance, a local museum or exhibit, or even just movie tickets!

    • A Year of Dates. I did this for Philip a few years ago and it was so fun to plan something seasonal for each month. I used this format with a manila envelope for each month.

    • A Surprise Trip. If you remember, Philip planned an epic Mediterranean Cruise for my thirtieth birthday this past summer. It certainly doesn’t have to be that extravagant — even just a night at a local resort or bed and breakfast would be so fun. Any getaway (especially if it’s a surprise and the babysitter is already lined up) is a huge win.

    • A Day at the Spa. Get a massage or pedicure gift certificate and a card that says you’ll stay with the kids. Tip: give her a deadline so she’s forced to put it on the calendar and make it happen. Otherwise, it might slip through the cracks and go unredeemed!

    • Lessons you can take together (or not). I love this idea. Philip and I have talked about doing tennis lessons together for years, and he always talks about wanting to learn to play the piano. A year of lessons would make a perfect gift. To give this kind of gift, give them a tennis racket or a piano bag and a note that says their/your lessons start in January.

    • Helicopter ride around your city. This would be so romantic and fun!

    • A Date In A Box. Wrap up a box with tickets to a movie or performance, a gift card for dinner, and something to wear to dinner or after dinner 😉

    • Hot air balloon ride. I’ve always wanted to go in a hot air balloon — this would be such a fun day date activity!

    • Cheeseboard with favorite cheeses. How gorgeous is this monogrammed marble cheeseboard?! I love this marble and wood mixed media one too. Choose a few fancy cheeses (and some crackers, cured meats, and dried fruit if you want!) and use them to throw a little New Year’s Eve party!

    • Online Sewing Course. I have to put in a plug for my online sewing course, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing! It’s a gift that keeps on giving and teaches you to sew basically anything!

Useful Gifts

For the girls who think spending money on Christmas gifts is a waste. These are things she’ll actually use!

    • Kitchen tools or food storage for college students. I love this idea to help those wonderful starving students.

    • Kindle. My brother in law bought one for my sister in law a couple years ago and she said it was her favorite gift ever.

    • Yoga mat. Perfect for the girl who does workouts at home, or a girl that’s into fitness! This “After This We’re Getting Pizza” one is cracking me up.

    • Vacuum sealer so you can work on your food storage. Someone wrote me about this idea and I think it’s so great, especially for someone that has everything! Such a great way to work on your food storage.

    • For someone who returns everything, a cheap purse full of $20 bills. Someone else submitted this idea – I think it’s so hilarious! They said their mom always returned every gift their dad bought her, so finally he just bought her a little purse from Walmart and stuffed it with $20 bills. He said, “Something you can’t return!”

    • Really nice bed sheets. New sheets are sleep game changers. Enough said. I read that these ones are the best ones on the market!

    • A closet consultant. This is such a thoughtful and useful gift for someone struggling with their wardrobe. Hire a consultant to come help them revamp their closet!

    • Stitch Fix gift card. Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription clothing box, with a personal stylist who hand selects your box each month. It’s such a good idea for a new mom, or a busy mom, or someone with a new job who doesn’t have time to shop but needs a closet refresh!

    • Good running shoes. A good pair of athletic shoes make a huge difference in my exercising. They’re worth a splurge! I have these ones and love them!

    • Nice headphones. I listen to podcasts while I exercise, and have this pair of earbuds from Plantronics. They stay in place, they’re super comfortable in my ears, the battery life is amazing, and the sound quality is really good.

    • Instantpot: These pressure cookers are revolutionary for the kitchen, and they always go on huge sale during Black Friday, so grab one while they’re cheaper!


Everybody’s Favorites

Don’t know what she likes? Here are 4 fail safe choices.

Splurge Gifts

I got a lot of questions about what I would ask for from my husband or my mom. When there’s a big chunk of money being spent on you, sometimes it’s hard to come up with something that seems “worth it.” So here’s a list of splurge items that you can pass along to your mom or your husband!

Gifts For Your Girlfriends Or Sisters

I like to give something to my friends and sisters, but not spend a fortune. Here are a bunch of ideas that she’ll love.

    • A Really Good Book. I love the Kate Morton books. They’re fantastic mysteries, and always leave me completely shocked. Such fun reads. But if your friend isn’t into mystery types of books, try something like Better Than Before or The Happiness Project from Gretchen Rubin! Tip: Leave a thoughtful note on the inside cover from you so they always can remember who gave it to them.

    • Clothing. I love to buy my sisters a new pair of shoes, a cute top, or a pretty scarf for Christmas. Mostly cause I know how fun it is to get a new something to wear! I linked a few good options below that your friends or sisters are sure to love and are all pretty good deals:


    • Jewelry. Chokers are huge this year and I think they’re a really fun accessory to give to anyone.  I recently got this one for myself and have worn it pretty much every day. I linked a few other favorites in the widget below.



Extra Thoughtful Gifts

I’m all about those gifts that make them cry.

    • Monogrammed Necklace. I love these ones so much. Get her initial, or her kids initials!

    • A special framed collage of a trip you went on together.

    • Daddy Day. Gift her one day every week (or every other week) with just the kids and dad so mama has a break.

    • Make a special box for her to keep special things. This would be a great gift from the kids so she can keep her favorite drawings, notes, and other special things the kids give her.

    • Alex and Ani bracelets. These are gorgeous charm bracelets that you can add on to for birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc.

    • Commissioned painting of a meaningful photo. Way back when I was a painter, I did tons of Christmas gift paintings each year and they were such special gifts.

    • Small Gifts every week for 3 months. This is a fun idea to spread out the love a little bit. Good items are gift cards, a pedicure gift card, a nail polish, a lipstick, etc!

    • Framed art with her favorite album cover or favorite lyrics. Everyone loves wall art, and something special like this (especially if it’s lyrics or a song that has meaning for both of you) is sure to be a home run gift.

    • Best wife trophy. Someone submitted this idea and it cracked me up. Her husband bought her a trophy that says “Best Wife!”

    • Home shopping spree. This was the cutest idea that another reader submitted. Her husband knew she wanted to go shopping, but didn’t have time and doesn’t really love to shop. So he bought a ton of things and made a home store with everything displayed. She got to try everything on, keep whatever she wanted, and then he returned the rest. So thoughtful!
the ultimate gift guide for girls

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