About six months ago, one of my high school church leaders mentioned to my mom that she wanted to throw me a baby shower. This was about three weeks after we’d made a trip down to Las Vegas, so when the idea came up, my mom said there was approximately zero percent chance that we’d be coming down again before the baby was born.

No problem, she said. We’ll just have a baby shower WITH the baby!

So about a month ago, we made the familiar trip from Provo to Las Vegas, this time, for the first time, with a baby in tow.

I’d never been to a baby shower where the baby was already born, but as you can imagine, it was a blast. All the guests had a blast cause they got to hold my freaking adorable baby, and I had a blast cause I could enjoy the party and all the guests without having to worry about taking care of my baby.

Even when he woke up, someone asked where the bottle was, another went and got it, and then he continued to be passed around while eating. Seriously, it was crazy. And awesome. And I didn’t do anything.

In addition to awesome people, there was also delicious food, no stupid games (hallelujah), generous gifts, AND….a professional photographer that took all these beautiful photos.

What more could a girl and her baby ask for?



  1. Camille says:

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates Baby Shower games 🙂

  2. Packrat says:

    Love these kind of showers, because you can let people know what you need and don't need. Yay, to no games!

  3. Julie Anne says:

    Wow, what an event. And come to think of it, I think that should be how ALL baby showers are. The baby is all everyone wants to see!!
    What a blast!

  4. Olivia says:

    Looks fun… and I see my mom and sister in the pictures. Wish I could have come along too. I think having the baby in tow is a great idea. Some moms are a bit too stressed out during those first weeks but I agree that everyone only wants to see the baby.

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