My Favorite Dainty Gold Necklaces That Are Perfect for Layering

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Dainty gold necklaces are my favorite accessory for summer. Simple, easy to layer, and go with everything. Here are some of my favorites!


Layer some dainty gold necklaces together and they’re perfect for summer.

This summer my go-to jewelry is a few dainty gold necklaces. Layer a few together to dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit, or add a few to your dressier outfits for a subtle sparkle that doesn’t compete with your look.

I’ve tried a bunch of different dainty gold jewelry over the years, and I’ve found that you absolutely get what you pay for. Higher quality gold won’t discolor your skin or get rusty or faded.

But if the higher end ones aren’t in your budget, I’ve included a few under $20 options!

Here’s a genius hack to get your necklaces to stay untangled!

I’ve been looking for a good way to keep my delicate gold necklaces to stay untangled throughout the day and I just discovered Necklet. It’s a little magnetic clasp that hooks all of your necklaces together so they stay in place. They’re on sale right now – you can check them out HERE!


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dainty gold necklaces for summer

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Photos by Aubrey Stock

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