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Merrick's Art Rack Room Shoes Madden Girl ankle Boots

Merrick's Art Rack Room Shoes Madden Girl ankle Boots

In the fall, a good pair of ankle boots is such an essential for me. In Southern California where we don’t get very cold weather, they’re also a good alternative when it’s too warm to wear tall boots.

I typically gravitate toward ankle boots with a stacked heel, but for my basic everyday momiform, a pair of flat boots is a must.

For Black Friday this year, Rack Room Shoes is running the most killer sale — BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for more than 150 of their boots!

Merrick's Art Madden Girl Ankle Boots

Merrick's Art Madden Girl Ankle Boots

Merrick's Art Madden Girl Ankle Boots

If you don’t have a pair of ankle boots, or are looking for a new pair, this is your chance to snag a pair! This Madden Girl pair is such a perfect choice (especially if you’re buying your first pair). They’re an amazing color, they’re a good flattering shape, and they go with everything. They have a little stacked heel to give you a little lift (so much more comfortable to walk in than completely flat shoes!), but that’s low enough to walk in all day. I’m eyeing this pair too!

Mark your calendars and grab yourself a pair and get a free pair during the BOGO promotion. It runs November 18 – 27th!



  1. Tracy says:

    Those r such cute boots! They look perfect for fall. I’m from a warm climate like u though and I was wondering if you found those to be breathable there in California? I find it hard to find boots that don’t make my feet overheat which is a pet peeve of mine lol

    • merrickwhite says:

      If you have super hot feet, I’d try the perforated boot trend! Those will give you the look without the heat. These aren’t super warm boots, but they’re not particularly “breathable” since they’re solid all the way around. Hope that helps!

      • Tracy says:

        It does thanks! I like the look of boots and want to wear them more often but I’m kind of warm blooded lol and where I live it’s rarely cold enough for me to wear them, but perforated boots sound like I can get the look plus the comfort of sandals so they sound perfect!

  2. Valerie says:

    Merrick, how do you recommend styling ankle boots for those of us who weren’t gifted with your long legs?! I’m about 5’1 and I feel like ankle boots make my poor legs look even shorter and stumpier than they already are… I would so appreciate some advice, because I love the thought of wearing ankle boots!

    • Merrick says:

      Wear jeans that are very fitted throughout your leg and cropped so at least 2 inches of your ankle are showing. And I’d recommend lower cut ankle boots — don’t do the ones that come higher above your ankle. Does that help??

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