Black and Blue

sweater: forever 21 (similarsimilarsimilar, identical but expensive)  // necklace: c/o anu designs // jeggings: gap (shop) // wedges: forever young shoes (similar)

I grew up in Las Vegas where it was hot pretty much all the time. When I moved to Utah for college, I realized how much I loved living in a place with seasons — a real fall, gorgeous snow, a beautiful blooming spring, warm summers…I loved it.

But the thing about Huntington Beach is that it’s pretty much perfect weather all the time and it’s made me realize that I do not care about seasons. Last week we went to the beach and got sunburned, and this week it’s overcast and cool enough for a sweater, and that’s all I need. The only issue is that there’s no reason to store away my off-season clothes, so my closet is stuffed to the brim. And that’s a problem that I’m okay to have.

Is anyone else noticing that this blog is turning into one big mushy love letter to California? Whoops…sorry, I’m not sorry 🙂

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Ash says:

    I can't blame you for loving California… Of all the states I've lived in, it's by far my favorite in terms of the weather. I'm a little jealous 🙂

  2. Ann Salley says:

    I feel the same way…we live in the sunny south, on the coast, and we do not have real seasons…we only have warm and warmer! so my closet holds all my clothing, all year round. but I wouldn't trade it, we LOVE living here!

  3. Saskia says:

    As a California native, I heartily approve of your newfound love for the state.

  4. Morris says:

    I live in Northern California and I can totally relate to the full closet. There is just no point in storing off season clothes.

  5. I'm not gonna lie, you make me jealous everyday!! I've never lived in Cali, but I've visited a few times and I know that's where I want to call home… And living in Utah, it makes me want to be there even more!!

  6. CP and KW says:

    loving your striped blouse! super cute!
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  7. Susan Graves says:

    I love that necklace.What about the outfit?
    yes that's great.You are looking so cute.

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  8. Amanda says:

    We live up north in the central valley and I feel the same way. Although it's not as warm as where you are, I am not missing cold, rainy OR right now! Just the family and friends back home…that's the downside. 🙁

  9. Sarah S. says:

    lol… I think it's great that you are loving the place you live. Imagine if you hated it?!

  10. newpetite says:

    Thats the kind of weather I was used to back home and now im in the grey Northwest! You look lovely and I love your hair.

  11. Kristina says:

    Cute sweater! I went to Huntington Beach last fall and loved it, seems like an amazing place to live!


    Kristina does the Internets

  12. Allie Emme says:

    Love the striped top and necklace!!
    xx Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

  13. Lindsay says:

    You look great! I think California would be amazing — although I do think I'd miss the seasons after a while, especially the fall.

  14. Lena says:

    At the moment I would love to live in California and trade in the German seasons for some sun. I'm so jealous: I look outside and it's raining and raining and raining (after it stopped snowing snowing snowing). Then I look at your pictures and see the sun and you wearing shoes without socks while I have to wear boots 🙂

  15. I love this outfit. And I love that you love California. We should hang out sometime soon!

    I never really put away clothes for different seasons because, as you have probably experienced, our "seasons" are only differentiated by like a 7 degree swing haha. When people email me asking for advice that has to do with cold weather I am absolutely clueless.

  16. Rachel says:

    Ahh I'm so jealous!! We went to CA a few weeks ago and it's just magical! I am jealous you have a real reason to live there, lol!

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