10 White Dresses For Spring

10 white dresses for spring

White dresses are a must-have piece for spring and summer. You can wear them everywhere and can easily dress them up or down. I’m rounding up 10 white dresses, see them below.


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White maxi dress
Similar ankle boots


After wearing darks and neutrals all winter, I love adding some bright white to my closet. A white dress I can wear all spring and summer is a must-have for me.

Here’s why you need a little white dress.

You can dress it up for church with heels and nice earrings. You could wear it over your bathing suit for a beach day. You could wear it with flats or wedges to a baby shower, or you could wear it with sneakers and a baseball cap on just any old day.

Style it with a neck scarf, a head scarf, a cardigan, a denim jacket, a shawl…the possibilities are endless.

For the warmer months, it’s my go-to for really anything and everything.

I’ve rounded up 10 white dresses below. Snag yourself one and then wear the heck out of it.



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  1. Marta says:

    I love white dresses, they look so pretty and ethereal and super fresh for the warmer months, you can never go wrong with a white dress.

  2. ASHley says:

    LOVE them all! Which of these donyou think would work best with a buMp? Want to pick up an easy summer dress that i can maybe veen wear to my baby shower 🙂

  3. jane says:

    I was just thinking about this the other day! I used to put snacks in muffin tins for my kids too. They’re 22 and 24 y/o now, but I’m keeping this idea in my back pocket for my future grandkids:)


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