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My Favorite Educational Activities and Programs for Kids

My kids go to a school that has a no-homework policy, so when they get home from school each day we've set up a daily schedule of a few educational things and programs they need to do. I give them 30 minutes of fun screen time (movies on netflix or games on the ipad) each day, but they cannot have those 30 minutes until their educational things are completed.

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Mom and Toddler Style

As we head into fall, I've picked up a few easy layering pieces for Sanny's toddler closet, and a few fall staples to up my mom style game!

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5 Health Changes I’ve Made in the last Year

One thing I've always struggled to be consistent about is fitness. I've gone through phases where I exercise regularly, and even grow to like exercising, but I've just never made it a huge priority in my life. I've heard from pretty much every single woman that everything gets harder to maintain once they hit thirty -- especially. . .

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