Our Summer Bucket List

Merrick's Art Nordstrom Kids

Outfit Details:

Me: White Blouse (40% off right now, wearing a small), Joe’s Jeans (33% off right now, get your normal size), Striped Espadrilles (25% off, TTS)
Fos: Graphic Tee, Gray Shorts, Nike Sneakers
San: Leopard Graphic Tee, Blue Shorts, Freshly Picked Moccasins

Next week is our last week of school, so I’m suddenly in summer prep mode to get things ready for the boys to be home all day. We’re stocking up on snacks, play clothes, and also making a list of things to do so we don’t let the summer pass us by without having a few fun adventures.

Merrick's Art Kids Nordstrom Outfits
Merrick's Art Tucker and Tate Boys Clothing
Merrick's Art Baby Stink Eye 2
Merrick's Art Lunch with the Boys
Merrick's Art Easy Summer Play Clothes

I picked up a few new things from the Tucker + Tate line at Nordstrom to prep my boys for the summer. They’ve suddenly outgrown pretty much all of their shorts, and Tucker + Tate is one of my top choices for good quality and good prices. I picked up these ones for Fos and these ones for San, both of which will go with everything and anything. Plus I love that they’re lightweight and breathable so they’ll dry easily if they get wet, and will keep them cool.

My boys are really simple, basic dressers, and hate anything that’s fussy or over the top (or scratchy…every dress shirt is always scratchy to them ;)), so I picked up these cute graphic tees that are so soft. The combination of soft graphic tees and lightweight shorts makes for the perfect summer outfit.


Merrick's Art Striped Espadrilles

I’d love your ideas for bigger summer adventures, so leave a comment if you have any great ideas! But here’s a few on our list:

  • Rent a duffy boat in Newport Harbor
  • Go to a sno cone shack
  • Go to the Indoor Trampoline Park
  • Fly a kite
  • Family hike
  • Water balloon fight
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Have a bonfire at the beach
  • Movie in the park
  • Go to a baseball game

Tell me your ideas for summer adventures — we want to add a few more to our list!


  1. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I love those shoes! I would love to rent an RV and go hiking in the mountains with our kids, whether that will actually happen is another story!


  2. Lindsay says:

    Love your sandals!
    We have a big travel trailer and book our summer trips in February or March every year so we have lots of places to explore this summer and will be checking out museums and aquariums and water parks and a bunch of other fun stuff (beaches, bon fires, playgrounds, picnics) with the kids (ages 2 and 4). Woohoo! Your list of ideas looks great and very do-able. Have fun!!

  3. Bella says:

    The Duffy boat in Newport Harbor is very fun! Make sure to bring snacks haha it’s a long ride!

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