SWEATER  ||  STRIPED TEE  ||  FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS (non-maternity, wearing a size 4)  ||  SUNGLASSES  ||  DIAPER BAG  ||  SNEAKERS  

Today I’m excited to launch a new series on Merrick’s Art: Momiform Mondays! Many of you have asked over the last few years for help with getting dressed as a mom. Life is busy, kids schedules and needs are demanding, and it’s easy for your style to get thrown on the back burner.

So in this series I’ll share styling tips, closet essentials, and other tricks to get you out of the hot mess mama zone. And it won’t just apply to moms — it’s anyone looking to pump up their casual style. Also, this won’t be a feature for every Monday, but you’ll see it over here at least once a month. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Today let’s talk about how to step up your basics…this time with a little edginess from some faux leather leggings. These have been a staple in my closet for a few years and I always pull them out when I need to add a little edge to my outfit. This outfit would be cute with a pair of jeans, but adding the faux leather adds some texture, visual interest, and gives your outfit a sleek and modern vibe.

The trick to wearing these without looking either overdressed or juvenile is to pair them with purposeful casual pieces. My go-to is a pair of athletic sneakers like the pair I’m wearing here, but they’re also great with slip on sneakers. Then on top, try an oversized t-shirt, a chunky sweater, a bright wool coat, or a chambray or plaid button up, all of which are very simple basics that will pair perfectly with them.

I’ve owned a few pairs of leather leggings over the years, but these ones are far and away my favorite. They are fitted all the way down the leg which creates a really sleek and slim leg line, they’re a little bit matte so they don’t scream leather, they’re thin and stretchy but not see-through, and they’re insanely comfortable. Do you need any more reasons to buy a pair? The regular length is low in stock, but they come in petite and tall (which happen to be on sale) as well. And they have a similar pair that’s maternity!

Be bold! Pick up a pair and rock them in place of your regular denim. Think you can do it?

photos by rad and happy