Today for DIY Friday I’m sharing a super easy quick fix sewing trick — hemming your jeans and keeping the original hem! So many people need their jeans hemmed, and although you could take it to a professional tailor, it’s a really quick fix you can do by yourself in five minutes.

This pair of jeans, from Dittos, is one of my favorite pairs of jeans, but they’re a few inches too long. I’ve been wearing them cuffed or just tucking up the hem for months, so it was time to do a permanent fix on them. I think jeans look the best with the original hem, so this is an easy fix to make them shorter, but keep the original hem.

Click through to find the super easy tutorial!

Step 1 // Try on your jeans.

Step 2 // cuff the jeans up a few inches.

Step 3 // Now tuck the cuff inside the pant leg. Determine if this length is your desired length. If not, go back to step 2 and adjust your cuff length. Once you find your desired length, untuck the cuff and pin it in place. Repeat for the second leg and then remove your jeans.

Step 4 // Your pant legs should now look like this. Now sew around the pant leg, right next to the original hem, as shown. Repeat for the second pant leg.

Step 5 // Trim off the extra fabric and serge or zigzag the raw edge so it doesn’t fray. Repeat for second pant leg.
Step 6 // Tuck your serged edge inside and press your seam flat. Repeat for second leg.

Now your jeans should look like this! No more bunched pant legs!

Happy Friday!